Choosing a Good Gaming PC and Focusing on the Right Features

Choosing a Good Gaming PC and Focusing on the Right Features

Misconceptions When Saving Money on Gaming PC Devices

A common misconception is that you can save stacks of money by buying all the parts for a good gaming pc individually. You bring the parts in from an affiliate website, pay over the odds for shipping from all those different shops and before you know it, you end up with the same price you would have paid by simply buying from one shop.

Not to mention all the time it took for you to compare each shop pricing. I mean sure, there are some good deals to be had in the tech world but the pitfalls of parting it out are:

  • You pay more shipping fees
  • You don’t always know the source of the parts, i.e. grey imports
  • If you run into any problems down the line, you have to potentially deal with multiple vendors for repairs.
  • If you do find out your parts were grey imports, the manufacturer can potentially ask you to send the part back to their overseas RA facility. 
  • You have to build the PC yet, as it is a box of bits.
  • If you damage a component whilst building it, there’s a chance you can run into issues returning it. (bent motherboard pins, leaked cooler, electro-shorted component?)

Obviously, one way or another, you should make sure that you know what you’re getting. You might want someone else can put it together for you. It’s still important to remember that in those cases, you are paying for the convenience of having all of the components assembled for you, and you are not just paying for the components themselves. 

In some cases, a custom gaming computer will probably be a little more expensive than buying a box of parts. As long as you know that you’re spending some extra money in order to save time and effort, it should be all right. Sometimes spending that little extra can gain some peace of mind that a professional takes all the risks, not you.

Selecting a Graphics Card To Make A Good Gaming PC

The graphics card is the most important part of the whole system for gaming. In many cases, the graphics card will determine what you can play and what you can’t play. Gamers who really want to have access to a wide range of different video games will really need to make sure that they have high-quality graphics cards. Otherwise, they will be limited in terms of the selection of games that will be available to them.

There are people who purchase expensive and high-end graphics cards for the sake of purchasing a couple of new games. This won’t be a priority for everyone, especially since relatively simple games are becoming more popular now. 

The general rule of thumb is, the more funding you place into your graphics card, the higher gaming performance you benefit from.

Choosing Components That Can Support the Graphics Card

The other components will also need to be able to support the graphics card. In some cases, you might even find the graphics card won’t fit the tiny case you wanted. 

There are also cases that don’t provide enough cooling to the graphics card. This is especially important if  you wish to use a really high-end graphics card.

Some people will use a water cooling system for their graphics card, and/or processor. These water cooling systems are expensive. However, for some people, a system like that will be part of the best gaming computer. It’s possible to get a good gaming pc without any of these features. Still, it’s important to choose an effective enough cooling system. 

Some graphics cards obstruct other ports on the motherboard so be mindful of what other cards you wish to place into your gaming pc to avoid disappointment. Don’t worry about our builds though, we check each order for incompatibilities before we build them and let you know of anything that might not work.

People might choose to get a good gaming pc that features a powerful fan rather than a water cooling system. However, the strongest fan possible can be very loud. Those systems will still tend to overheat anyway, and they will be loud to use the whole time. 

Power Supply Unit

The power supply unit has to be good enough to provide energy for the other systems, including the graphics cards. Some graphics cards are advanced enough to require additional power connections directly from the power supply. In other words, check the graphics card manufacturer’s website to ensure you fulfill the recommended power supply rating in the specifications. For many of the smaller graphics cards, people won’t need features like that.

On the flip side, if you have a lower end graphics card, there is no need to find a power supply unit that has way more power than what is needed. Choosing the right one for the purpose is the best way to go. People should be able to save energy if they want, and they’ll still have a good gaming pc. 


Additional Features

Some people will just want a good gaming pc that has a lot of really interesting features, even if those features don’t have a lot of practical benefits. Getting a gaming computer that features LED’s, for instance, has been popular for a long time. The LED’s don’t have a lot of functions, but they can add a lot to the appearance of a gaming computer or system. Some people will like to play games in the dark, and LED lights can certainly add something to an experience like that. However, people will often play games with their friends, and they will want a gaming computer that is going to make an impression.  

A good gaming pc is only a phone call away. 

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