The next season of PUBG is now live and ready to be dropped into. Season 7 brings back the snow-covered map of Vikendi with a multitude of changes, including a never-before-seen goods train.

The PUBG Season 7 patch is now available for PC, with the update hitting consoles on April 28. The biggest change comes to Vikendi, which makes a comeback after being taken down in Season 6 for reworking. A trailer was also shared commemorating the launch of the new season, which provides fans with a good idea of what to expect.

The popular Dinopark has been entirely revamped with additional buildings and more life-size dinosaurs, replacing the dreary and damaged attractions from the older version. The new “Dinoland” also has a new larger indoor structure for short-range combat. Another major new location on the map will be the Cargo Depot.

The most exciting change is the addition of a train that goes across Vikendi, making it the first map in PUBG to have a vehicle of that sort. The train seems to pass at regular intervals, and players will be alerted of its arrival. The train can also be ridden from specific stations to quickly get to a safe spot, but it can also host full-fledged skirmishes when multiple teams ride it. Moreover, squads can also chase it on their vehicle for a last-man-standing battle, creating absolute mayhem. There will be a major train line that runs across the periphery of the island, and six connected tracks that move inwards.

Along with changes to the map locations, a new weapon has also been added. The Mosin-Nagant is a bolt-action sniper rifle that replaces Kar98K, but should be very similar in terms of actual usage as the stats, attachments and upgrades are carried forward. It will also make its way to Erangel. 

The map-exclusive vehicles such as the snowmobile and the snowbike have been replaced by the two and three-seater motorbikes. 

Multiple smaller updates and bug fixes were also brought, improving the overall gameplay quality on Vikendi and Karakin. 

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