Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti pics spotted online, suggesting the GPU could arrive soon


Darren Allan

16 November 2020

More leaked images have popped up, and another big clue from Inno3D


(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Nvidia’s RTX 3060 Ti

is seemingly just around the corner as the rumor mill predicted, or at least we’ve seen our strongest evidence yet – pictures of a couple of purported graphics cards from Inno3D (following

previous leakage from Gigabyte




also spotted, the Inno3D website now has a filter for the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti under GPU products – even if no listings show up when it’s used – and Videocardz highlighted images of Inno3D 3060 Ti cards on Twitter.

The pics of the two graphics cards which have been


certainly appear to be genuine, plus when combined with the Inno3D website change, it looks like the RTX 3060 Ti is in the pipeline for the near future – although we can’t take anything for granted, and this must still be treated as a rumor.

The graphics cards in question are the Inno3D iChill X3 and the Twin X2. Videocardz asserts that the iChill X3 will run with three 9cm scythe blade fans (as seen elsewhere on Ampere graphics cards from the manufacturer), along with an RGB Tail Fin (as seen above – which we suspect you’ll either love or hate).

As for the Twin X2, that will have the same appearance as the existing RTX 3070 model from Inno3D.

Imminent launch?

As we’ve already heard, the buzz on the grapevine is that

RTX 3060 Ti models will be launched on December 2

, only a couple of weeks away now, and the appearance of this evidence would appear to confirm that a release might be very close. But as we’ve said, let’s not get too carried away at this point.

Pricing is expected to be pitched around the $399 mark, although take that with a large dose of salt. Of course, prices for third-party manufacturer cards will vary anyway, but Videocardz notes that Inno3D’s price tags should be close to Nvidia’s recommended pricing.

The RTX 3060 Ti was also

recently spotted

on sale as offered by a Saudi Arabian retailer, with images of boxed Gigabyte products shared on video (and there

were leaked images before that

, as we mentioned at the outset). The GPU is expected to have 4,864 CUDA cores plus 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM.

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