Oh My, Prodeus Is Very Good

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Oh My, Prodeus Is Very Good

Have you enjoyed Quake, DOOM, or literally any retro shooter ever? Please download Prodeus now.

Made by Bounding Box Software, Prodeus is the latest in what’s becoming a very long line of killer FPS throwbacks. It’s been out in early access since November last year — literally right in between the launches for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, so if you missed it, it’s totally understandable.

However, the game has since made its way to Xbox Game Pass for PC. So while there’s still plenty of content to come, there’s already enough to scratch that Give Me A Massive Gun And Demons To Explode itch.

Here’s the in-game auto map, which you control with WASD keys like it’s something out of Descent.

Image: Kotaku

There’s also multiple weapons and various upgrades to unlock along the way, including a BFG-inspired behemoth that takes up a quarter of the screen.

And you can’t have a game with this much blood without a banging metal soundtrack. Prodeus, as it turns out, has one of the industry’s best. The heavy metal was composed by Andrew Hulshult, who’s worked on Quake Champions, DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods expansion, Dusk, Brutal Doom, Rise of the Triad, Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, AMID EVIL and Rad Rogers. 

Basically most of the best retro shooters from the last five years, then.

I haven’t played all of the content yet, but I can report I’ve loved every second so far. If I’m being more critical, I’d say the HUD maybe occupies a bit too much space — although there is a minimal HUD setting you can toggle. The enemies also aren’t anything revolutionary from what I’ve seen. They’re great cannon fodder though, and the raw movement, weapon handling and way you can freely bounce around the map is a blast. But I wouldn’t put the level design on the same tier as something like Dusk or Amid Evil, and the movement itself doesn’t have the addictive, hyperactive skill ceiling of something like ULTRAKILL.

Article source: Kotaku

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