By The Way, We’re Getting A New Robocop Game

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I know the Switch OLED is dominating all the headlines right now, but can we just stop for a second to appreciate: a new first-person Robocop game.

It’s called RoboCop: Rogue City. Amidst all the hustle of Nintendo’s news last night, the new RoboCop was unveiled by Nacon as the final reveal in their inaugural Nacon Connect conference.

Nacon is the publisher behind Blood Bowl 3, the Lord of the Rings: Gollum game and the new owners of the Cricket 19 developers. They typically work with a lot of smaller titles and sports games, so having the Terminator Resistance team — a properly solid AA adventure that honours the original franchise well — is a big coup for them.

It won’t be out until 2023, so it’s safe to say this won’t be targeting last-gen consoles.

There’s little clarity on the Steam page about what to expect just yet, although there is a description outlining RoboCop: Rogue City‘s rough setting:

Become the iconic part man, part machine, all cop hero as you attempt to bring justice to the dangerous, crime-ridden streets of Old Detroit. Armed with your trusty Auto-9, factory-built strength, years of experience on the force and a variety of tools at your disposal, you will fight forces seeking to destroy the city you call home in an all new first-person, explosive hunt for the truth. You have the power to decide how to fulfil prime directives in your own way, but as the story unfolds proceed with caution because corruption and greed know no limits.

First-person makes sense since Terminator Resistance is a first-person game. It also sounds like there will be some branching narratives depending on how “prime directives” are achieved. I wonder what happens if you just go all guns blazing. It’s RoboCop, after all.

Article source: Kotaku

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