Here’s Footage Of Ubisoft’s New Tom Clancy’s FPS

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Here’s Footage Of Ubisoft’s New Tom Clancy’s FPS

Image: Twitter

A bunch of footage has appeared online teasing a new multiplayer shooter from Ubisoft, in what looks eerily like a Tom Clancy’s game with strong Call of Duty vibes.

Rumours about the game first appeared earlier this month, with the supposed name of Battlecat. It was described as a mix between The Division, Tom Clancy’s Breakpoint and Splinter Cell gameplay, and overnight the first footage has appeared ahead of an official reveal.

It looks like Ubisoft’s take on Call of Duty, at least from how the guns and abilities seem to work. It’s all in first-person, rather than the third-person approach of Breakpoint or The Division, although the map looks like a more vibrant take on The Division‘s approach.

A bunch of footage was split up across some global media outlets and influencers. All that’s confirmed is it’ll be the latest game in the Tom Clancy universe with some form of multiplayer. It also appears to have multiple modes, going off the UI changes shown in the various clips underneath; the GameSpot version shows what looks like some domination, or team deathmatch-style scoring, while Ryan B’s footage shows five capture points at the top of the HUD. (GameSpot’s clip also has a voice-over mentioning the capture of “Zone C” too.)

It also looks like all the footage so far is from PC, given the keyboard prompts listed at the bottom of the screen.

The official reveal for Ubi’s new shooter will air from 3.30am AEST Tuesday, 20 July. There’s an official premiere through YouTube below if you want to watch or set a reminder on your device.

Article source: Kotaku

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