Quake Just Got Updated With A Mystery Beta Branch


Bethesda’s due to announce something to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Quake — and it looks like owners of the original might get a nice surprise.

The SteamDB tracker, which monitors all sorts of things to do with Valve’s marketplace, has spotted two updates to the original Quake. According to the package history, a new beta branch has been added to the game, as well as a new 64-bit executable.

Image: SteamDB

The most obvious reason for a separate branch is to add support for a new, updated version of Quake. Given the success and fidelity of Quake 2 RTX, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bethesda and Machine Games have been working on some kind of ray-traced refresh for the original.

The original schedule for Quakecon indicated that Machine Games and Digital Foundry will have a talk Friday morning Australian time about “the additional content” being added to a “revitalised edition” of Quake. Establishing that as a separate app on Steam, or a separate beta branch, means it won’t mess with anyone’s existing Quake installs or mods.

The Machine Games/Quake talk is due to kick off from 4.05am AEST tomorrow. If you want to tune in for that, the full details are available here. An updated Quake would be excellent. We’ve had a ton of great retro shooters lately that have mirrored its campaign structure, so it’s about time the original got the love it deserved.

Article source: Kotaku

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