Nvidia increased GPU shipments this quarter while AMD and Intel both down


It’s been an odd year for graphics cards sales. There’s massive chip shortages all through the tech world, and between crypto and the pandemic GPUs have been hit very hard. We are constantly seeing prices that continue to climb, thanks to a demand that simply can’t be met by the current supply. 

Because of all this, market reports this year have been fairly interesting, well, for market reports, at least. Jon Peddie Research (via Videocardz) recently released its latest report on the growth and shipments of GPUs for the 3rd quarter. This measures both integrated and discrete cards, and the figures definitely are indicative of these interesting times. 

When it comes to overall market share, Intel dropped by 6.2%, while AMD went up by 1.4% and Nvidia climbed by 4.86% over the previous quarter. This still leaves Intel far ahead holding 62% of the market share. Nvidia and AMD are a bit more equal, holding 20% and 18% respectively. 

But GPU shipments have decreased quite a bit from last quarter, which bucks the typical trend. Overall they’re down -18.2%. Intel’s shipments decreased by a massive -25.6% and AMD’s came down by 11.4%. Nvidia on the other hand, increased shipments by 8% this quarter.

Both Nvidia and Intel bosses have expressed doubts this problem is going to get significantly better any time soon. AMD’s on the other hand is pretty optimistic. Other companies are expecting it to last until the first half of 2023, but it’s all speculation for now.

Having the third quarter drop this much is really unusual, given the 10-year average is -5.2%. But we are in unusual times, where we’ve even put together a guide to help you get a graphics card.

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Article source: PCGamer

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