God help us all, Cookie Clicker has Steam Workshop now

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What if the time-devouring wonder of Cookie Clicker had mods? That’s surely a question nobody had asked before Orteil, developer of Cookie Clicker, added mod support via Steam Workshop to their wondrous webgame yesterday.

But that’s a thing now. There’s now official mod support for Cookie Clicker. “This should be the last “technical” update focused on Steam-specific features,” said Orteil. “Future updates will revolve around new content and new gameplay features.”

Orteil’s example mod adds Pilk to the game, which if you don’t know is a mix of Pepsi and Milk. Other mods, like Horticookie, make some minigames a bit less tedious by allowing you to understand the process of gardening. Others add entire minigames themselves, like one that lets you play blackjack for cookies. 

I am sure there will also be new mods for like, I don’t know, ultrawide monitors or whatever. But in truth it’ll probably only get really weird from here on out. I can only imagine what people are going to get up to with Cookie Clicker mods. This is already the game that found out how upsettingly long you can make a Steam achievement name.

Cookie Clicker is considered by many to be the originator of the Idle genre, the game which coalesced many of its tenets into a single package. It released a premium version on Steam for $5 earlier this year, almost immediately netting Overwhelmingly Positive reviews.

Article source: PCGamer

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