The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is live

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The 2022 Steam Lunar New Year has begun! This year’s event has kicked off a couple weeks earlier than the 2021 sale, which got underway in mid-February, but we can’t say that it caught us my surprise: Like virtually every Steam sale date, we’ve known about this one for awhile.

Steam’s first sale of 2022 features discounts on thousands of games—and yes, we will be sharing some of our favorite deals once we’ve had a chance to dig through them—along with discounts in the Steam Points Shop. Free stickers for your Steam profile will also be given away each day during the sale.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale runs until February 3. For folks who like to shop around, the Epic Games Store also kicked off its Lunar New Year Sale today—that one is on until February 10. 

Article source: PCGamer

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