Nvidia hackers target Samsung, release 190GB of sensitive data

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According to reporting from Bleeping Computer, Lapsus$, the same collective that hacked Nvidia last week, has successfully breached the Korean tech giant Samsung as well. Lapsus$ has released almost 190GB of confidential data, including source code for proprietary applications and data repositories related to various Samsung projects.

It’s unclear what the timeline of the Samsung breach is, and what sort of contact the hackers have had with the company. There have been no public demands like Lapsus$’ call for open-source drivers and an end to the crypto mining limiter, LHR, from Nvidia.

Bleeping Computer is currently awaiting word from Samsung on the matter, while Wccftech reports that Samsung officials will only say that they are currently assessing the situation.

While your average enthusiast has no recourse but to sit back and watch as events like this happen, these hacks on Nvidia and Samsung should encourage an extra level of cybersecurity caution from all of us. 

The Register reported the Nvidia leak included expired code-signing certificates that will still get accepted by Windows, opening a potentially dangerous route for malware. The Samsung leak has thus far included source code for trusted apps on Samsung devices, as well as the algorithms used in the company’s biometrics tools. It might be a prudent time to check out our guide to the best antivirus programs. 

Article source: PCGamer

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