AM5 motherboards may run new CPUs at 1.5V

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Prominent leaker HXL has recently shared an interesting photo of what seems to be the BIOS menu of an MSI motherboard. In it, you can see the motherboard belongs to the MAG B650 series, and it’s running an AMD Engineering sample. Considering the timing, this may be a Ryzen 7000 series engineering sample.

The processor’s name can’t be seen in the screenshot, but we know it was running at 1.532V (VCore), something unheard of for AM4-based processors unless on LN2 cooling. Whether the CPU was overclocked or at stock settings is unclear.

The photo also suggests AMD is already developing its mid-range B650 motherboard series, meaning we may see it debut alongside the higher-tier chipset (X670?). Ideally, AMD 600 series motherboards will be released simultaneously with codenamed “Raphael” processors, expected to come out in late 2022.

KitGuru says: Considering we’re talking about an engineering sample, this VCore value may not tell us much about the final product. However, if this operating voltage is similar to what retail samples will be running, expect higher temperatures than we’re used to seeing on Ryzen chips.

Article source: KitGuru

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