Sony is taking a “major step forward in becoming more multiplatform”


The video games industry is more open and accessible than it ever has been, with games which would previously be console exclusives being brought over to other systems. What’s more, nearly all new multiplayer games now offer crossplay, meaning you can play with whoever you want regardless of your platform of choice. Sony has begun to adopt this mindset, with the company claiming to be taking a “major step forward in becoming more multiplatform.”

During a recent corporate strategy meeting (transcribed by PushSquare), Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida discussed the company’s acquisition of Bungie which took place earlier this year, stating that it represents a “major step forward in becoming more multiplatform.”

Sony have previously stated that Bungie will remain largely independent, with their games continuing to exist on other platforms. Additionally, we have seen first-party developed games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War and Days Gone get ported onto the PC platform – largely to good success.

Yoshida made it clear that the company’s plan is to “provide access to our games to as many users as possible” with more first-party games promised to be coming to PC.

Sony’s shift to supporting multiplatform gaming is a rather sudden one. Of course, regardless of their intentions (i.e. the desire for more money), it is good to see Sony wanting to make their games available on other, less proprietary, platforms.

Article source: KitGuru

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