Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 13/01/23


Ubisoft reportedly “got laughed at” while trying to propose mergers/acquisitions

In recent years we have seen a renewed focus by major gaming companies to merge with or acquire smaller developers and publishers. Ubisoft has supposedly been proposing a number of

Samsung Launches First SSDs Based on 5nm Controller

Samsung uses 5nm process technology to build controller for next-generation SSDs.

Intel announces i9-13900KS with 6GHz Turbo Clock

Intel first debuted a ‘KS' version of its flagship chip with the i9-9900KS back in October 2019, and we also saw the i9-12900KS only last year. Now, the tech giant has quietly announced the i9-13900KS, claimed to be the first desktop processor offering 6GHz speeds out of the box.

Best Gaming Mouse 2023

We've tested and reviewed the best gaming mice for every game type, gaming style, and grip style.

6 Browser Extensions To Help You Get The Most Out Of Steam

Look, the Steam app is great, and is likely how many of us browse and buy our PC games. But if you’re not using Steam on the web, you’re missing out on some great browser extensions for the service. These helpful add-ons will tell you if a game is on a subscription service you

TSMC Might Cut 3nm Prices to Lure AMD, Nvidia

TSMC is reportedly considering lower quotes for 3nm production to stimulate interest from chip designers such as AMD and Nvidia.

Hive Deploys Intel's Bitcoin Chips, Earns Millions by Lowering Power Use

Hive lowers power use, sells energy back to grid, earns profit.

Best Gaming Microphones 2023

Whether you're chatting with teammates or streaming on Twitch, these are the best gaming microphones to buy in 2023.

Windows 7 Is Officially Dead

Windows 7 launched in October of 2009. Barack Obama was president, Avatar was soon to hit movie theatres, and swine flu was officially declared a global pandemic. The world has changed a lot

Best Gaming Keyboards 2023: Full-size, TKL, Mini, and More

These are the best gaming keyboards that combine responsiveness, features, and style.

MSI Afterburner Project 'Probably Dead,' Due to Ukraine War Sanctions (Updated)

Russian Afterburner developer explains that popular tool is "probably dead," as he hasn't had support or resources from MSI for nearly a year.

AMD Ryzen 9 7900 & Ryzen 7 7700 Review

AMD’s Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 series processors were introduced with a positive reception when they launched back in September 2022. Performance was strong, frequency was impressive, and the overall platform features were very user friendly. With that said, it wasn’t all

Steam has broken multiple concurrent user records

Over the past few years, we have seen the Steam platform grow from strength to strength, surpassing its own concurrent user count on a semi-regular basis. Now, the platform has reached a new major

Adata Teases First SMI-Powered PCIe 5.0 SSD, New CXL DDR5 Card

Adata showed off its new PCIe 5.0 SSD and a CXL DDR5 memory device at CES 2023.

MSI, Maxsun Make Back-Connector Motherboards Based on Asus's DIY-APE Standard

Maxsun, MSI, and Asus DIY-APE motherboards break cover.

NVIDIA Preps Mass Production of Two More AD104 ‘Ada’ GPUs, Possibly The RTX 4070 & RTX 4060 Ti

NVIDIA is seemingly getting ready to commence mass production on two brand new AD104 GPUs, presumably for the Geforce RTX 4070 & RTX 4060 Ti. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 & RTX 4060 Ti GPU Mass

GPU Benchmarks and Hierarchy 2023: Graphics Cards Ranked

Our GPU benchmarks hierarchy ranks all the current and previous generation graphics cards based on real-world gaming tests. Find out how the latest GPUs stack up.

Microsoft and AMD want to make Ryzen 7000 X3D CPUs run games faster in Windows 11

AMD and Microsoft are collaborating to ensure that the new design of the high-end Ryzen 7000 X3D processors which Team Red just revealed at CES 2023 works well enough in Windows 11, and is speed

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