Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 10/03/23


Almost 700 million free games were claimed on the Epic Games Store in 2022

Since launching in 2019, Epic Games has run free game giveaways on a regular basis. If you're wondering how many free games get claimed, the numbers are pretty staggering. It turns out in 2022 alone, Epic gave

Video Encoding Tested: AMD GPUs Still Lag Behind Nvidia, Intel

We tested multiple generations of AMD, Intel, and Nvidia GPUs to look at both encoding performance and quality. Here's how the various cards stack up.

Intel Panther Lake iGPUs may be based on upcoming Xe3-LPG graphics architecture

Intel Panther Lake has been mentioned occasionally in rumours, but not much is known about it. Besides being expected to arrive after Lunar Lake (2025-2026?), there aren't many specifics about Intel's future platform. However, a recent finding has shed some light on the

Intel Seeks Additional $5 Billion in Subsidies for German Fab

Intel has requested an additional $5 billion for its Germany fab as inflation drives the cost of leading-edge fabs even higher.

New TP-Link Router Reportedly Mines Crypto Faster Than RTX 4090

TP-Link ASIC has announced the company's new NX31 miner router that delivers hash rates up to 31.2 TH/s.

ASUS’s Latest TUF Gaming B760M-BTF Motherboard Hides All Connectors On The Backside

ASUS has unveiled its brand new TUF Gaming B760M-BTF motherboard which has all its connectors placed on the underside of the PCB. ASUS Flips All Connectors To The Backside of Its TUF Gaming B760M-BTF Motherboard Making For Neater Cable

Intel Engineer Outs Panther Lake Architecture on LinkedIn

A mysterious new CPU architecture and iGP, known as Panther Lake, was revealed by an Intel engineer on LinkedIn. The architecture is expected to come after Lunar Lake and could use Intel 20A.

You can get The Last of Us Part 1 for free with AMD GPUs until April 15th

Following on from a leak earlier today, AMD has now officially announced its latest GPU game bundle. Starting today and running through to the 15th of April, anyone who purchases select Radeon RX

Intel’s Future Integrated GPUs Leak Out: Arrow Lake With Alchemist Xe, Lunar Lake With Battlemage Xe2, Panther Lake With Celestial Xe3

Intel's plans for next-generation integrated Xe GPUs integrated on their Core CPU lineup have been leaked out over at LinkedIn. Intel's Future Core CPUs To Go All In On The Xe GPU Architecture: Lunar Lake With

AMD’s 2nd Generation 3D V-Cache Technology Offers Up To 2.5 TB/s Bandwidth

AMD has released additional information regarding its 2nd Generation 3D V-Cache technology featured on the Ryzen 7000 X3D CPUs. AMD reveals the second generation of the company's 3D cache, showing

Nvidia Driver Bug Increases CPU Usage

Nvidia's driver container uses 10%+ CPU cycles after exiting games.

Lab Demos ‘Living’ PC Powered by Mushrooms

The Unconventional Computing Laboratory (UCL) from the University of the West of England (UWE) shares insight on mushroom computers.

Intel Completes Development of 1.8nm and 2nm Production Nodes

Intel finalizes specifications of its Intel 18A and Intel 20A process technologies.

Samsung Reportedly Speeds up In-House CPU Core Development, With Ex-AMD Senior Developer

Samsung has reportedly accelerated its in-house CPU development project, and is aiming to have a non-Arm CPU ready for smartphones and laptops by 2027.

Counter-Strike 2 is real and a beta should be announced very soon

A few days ago, references to Counter-Strike 2 were found within the Nvidia driver. Now, new evidence suggests this was not a mistake, in fact, sources are now claiming that Counter-Strike 2 is indeed on the

Radeon Driver Bug Corrupts Windows, AMD Shares Fix

AMD has acknowledged a rare bug with its Adrenalin drivers that corrupt users' systems when the "Factory Reset" is checked.

AMD’s Powerful New RDNA3 Based Phoenix iGPU ‘Radeon 780M’ As Powerful As An NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti

The AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS is one of the most anxiously anticipated APUs for tech enthusiasts and for good reason: it features an incredibly powerful iGPU. Just a few years ago, integrated GPUs used

Ryzen 7 7700X Slips Past Ryzen 9 7950X3D in Linux Gaming

Linux news outlet Phoronix evaluates the Linux gaming performance of AMD's latest Ryzen 9 7950X3D and Ryzen 9 7900X3D processors.

Data breaches affecting millions of Australians are on the rise, Information Commissioner says - ABC News

Millions of Australians' personal details have been compromised by unpublicised data breaches – separate from the Optus and Medibank hacks – according to figures released by the national information

Best CPU Coolers 2023: AIO and Air Coolers

These are the best air and liquid/AIO CPU coolers for all consumer systems, from small form-factor builds to overclocked big rigs.

300TB Flash Drives Due in 2026, Supplier Claims

Pure Storage expects its solid-state drives to increase capacity by six times in a few years.

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