Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 21/04/23


AMD Open-Source Vulkan “AMDVLK” Driver For Linux Gets Updated With Mesh Shading & Steam Play Support

The initial AMD open-source Vulkan driver update has launched (AMDVLK 2023.Q2.1), allowing Linux users to have another option instead of the Mesa Radeon Vulkan driver (Mesa RADV) or the bundled

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Install Size Is Reportedly Almost 150GB

If you’re preparing to jet off to a galaxy far, far away next week, you might need to clear out a little hard drive space before you go. It seems Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has an install size that’s a little bigger

Microsoft DirectStorage 1.2 Now Available: Could Make Load Times On HDDs Faster, New Features & Bug Fixes

Microsoft DirectStorage 1.2 is now available and comes with several new features plus a list of fixes that developers can utilize. Microsoft Intros DirectStorage 1.2 With New Features That Could Help Make Load Times On HDD Faster Although the Microsoft DirectStorage API

Proton Slows Down RTX 4090, 4080 By 10% in Linux vs Windows 11 Gaming Benchmarks

A new review compared the best CPU and GPU hardware against Windows and Linux, to see which operating system is the best for gaming. Turns out both are identical except for non-native

MSI Afterburner Gets First Stable Release In Months: 4.6.5 Brings Support For NVIDIA RTX 40 & AMD Radeon RX 7900 GPUs

The latest version of MSI Afterburner has landed, bringing in stable support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 & AMD Radeon RX 7900 GPUs. The Latest Version of MSI Afterburner Is Now Available To Download

Microsoft Building Its Own AI Chip on TSMC's 5nm Process

Microsoft is reportedly working on an artificial intelligence chip based on TSMC's 5-nanometer process to better compete with Nvidia and other chip suppliers.

Ryzen 7 7800X3D Benchmarks Show Advantages for Linux Over Windows 11

AMD's Ryzen 7 7800X3D is 7% faster in Linux compared to Windows 11.

How to Use ChatGPT in Minecraft, Talk to AI Mobs

Have a fascinating chat with an Enderman, Creeper or even a sheep.

Halo franchise director leaves Microsoft

343 Industries has gone through some major changes this year. A round of layoffs at Microsoft in early 2023 saw the majority of the campaign team let go and other major studio leads have also

HDD Sales Crater, Drop 35% Year-over-Year

Unit shipments of nearline drives suffer the most in the first quarter as exascalers remain cautious.

Microsoft Devs Built A Basic Version Of Windows Optimised For Steam Deck

Even with the Xbox being over 20 years old (let that sink in), Microsoft has yet to jump into the booming gaming handheld console market. Still, at least its employees — both past and present — have made it

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