AMD Ryzen 8000 APU spotted with RDNA 3.5 iGPU featuring 16 cores


The leak is from (via HXL), which shared various screenshots of what it claims to be an engineering sample of the APU. As per the pictures, the CPU component of this APU will feature 4x Zen 5 (P-Cores) and 8x Zen 5c (E-Cores). As for the GPU part, the leak indicates that it will have 1024 unified shaders, which means the iGPU has 16 CUs.

While the integrated GPU is labelled “AMD Strix – Internal GPU”, note that this is a consequence of using HWINFO with an unreleased CPU. Moreover, the “512MB GDDR6” memory configuration is most likely incorrect. The screenshots also reveal a 45W TDP and that the APU supports LPDDR5 (the system has 32GB of LPDDR5 memory). Lastly, we also noticed that the chip is based on the FP8 socket, the same one used by the Ryzen 7040U and 7040H(S) mobile chips.

The Strix Point APU won’t be the only Ryzen 8000 series chip. AMD will likely create a variety of processors using a mix of Zen 4 and Zen 5 technology and RDNA 3 or RDNA 3.5 integrated graphics.

KitGuru says: Compared to the Phoenix APUs used by many portable console manufacturers, the Strix Point APU would be a considerable upgrade. Not only does it have more CPU cores, but also more GPU cores running on a newer architecture.

Article source: KitGuru

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