Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 15/09/23


NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada GPUs Get Single-Slot Waterblock From EK, Enables 7-Way GPU Cluster In Workstations

EK has brought in waterblock support for NVIDIA's RTX 6000 Ada GPUs in its EK Fluid systems, enabling up to 7-way GPU solutions. EK Fluid Systems Will Now Harness the Power of NVIDIA's RTX 6000 ADA

RADV “Radeon Vulkan” Drivers For AMD GPUs Receive Long-Awaited Ray-Tracing Performance Boost

It is now being reported that the highly anticipated "ray-tracing" revamp made in RADV "Radeon Vulkan" drivers previously has been finally merged for "monolithic pipelines", taking RT performance on AMD

Lian Li is also suing Thermaltake over daisy-chain RGB fan design

This week, it came to light that Lian Li filed a lawsuit against Phanteks over the design of its D30 fans. Lian Li alleges that Phanteks' daisy-chain fan design infringes on one of its patents. Phanteks isn't the only

Intel Core i9-14900KF 6 GHz CPU Benchmarks Leak Out: Up To 20% Faster Than 7950X, 15% Faster Than 13900K

Intel's 14th Gen Core i9-14900KF flagship CPU has leaked out once again, this time posting the fastest single & multi-threaded performance scores in Geekbench 6. Intel Core i9-14900KF Flagship

MSI MAG CoreLiquid E360 AIO Review: Impressively Cool and Quiet

MSI’s E360 provides top-tier cooling performance with lower noise levels than competing coolers of its class.

The Sims 5 confirmed to be ‘free to download’

After spending many years as a premium experience, EA made the decision to reintroduce The Sims 4 as a free-to-play title. Now, with The Sims 5 announced to be in development, the team have officially

AMD Silently Rolls Out New EPYC Milan CPUs 2.5 Years After Launch

AMD has expanded the company's EPYC 7003 (Milan) processor family with several new SKUs.

Nvidia's Jensen Huang Shares Unusual Management Style; Makes No Plans

No plans, no reports, no clear hierarchy: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang shares his management style.

AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT “RDNA 3” GPU Appears With 10 GB & 12 GB Variants

AMD partners seem to be preparing a new Radeon RX 7600 XT graphics card which might come in 10 GB & 12 GB variants, as filed within EEC. AMD Might Be Preparing Radeon RX 7600 XT Graphics

Intel 14th Gen Core K-series CPUs will reportedly launch on October 17th

Intel is expected to begin talking about its 14th Gen Core desktop processors later this month. Typically, we see new unlocked K-series chips each year around October time and according to new reports,

Lian Li files patent infringement lawsuit against Phanteks

There is a lawsuit brewing among two big names in the PC component space. Lian Li patented its case fan daisy-chaining method years ago and now claims that Phanteks' new D30 series fans are infringing on

AMD could be shifting to focus on the mid-range GPU market - here’s why that’s a good thing

Looking at the graphics card market, it’s pretty clear - even to a casual observer - that AMD has ceded a significant amount of ground to Nvidia in the high-end arena. The RTX 4090 is arguably the best

Microsoft is introducing a background removal tool to Paint

Microsoft is working on adding the ability to remove backgrounds from images with a single click to its venerable Paint software. The latest Windows Insider builds already have the updated version of

Demo Shows How Wi-Fi Can Read Through Walls

Researchers have devised a way to sketch out stationary objects through walls using Wi-Fi imaging.

Intel Meteor Lake “Core Ultra” CPUs Specs, Performance, Price, & Availability – Everything We Know So Far

Intel Meteor Lake CPUs will mark a major shift in Chipzilla's product lineup, featuring a brand new core architecture, brand new design methodology, brand new features & even a brand new family

Gearbox may become an independent studio once again

This morning, it came to light that Embracer Group was considering selling off Gearbox Entertainment, two years after acquiring the company in a deal worth roughly $1.4 billion. Now, a leaked email from

Intel 14th Gen “Unlocked” CPUs Rumored To Launch On 17th October: Core i9-14900K, i7-14700K & i5-14600K

Intel is rumored to release its 14th Gen "Unlocked" Core i9-14900K, Core i7-14700K & Core i5-14600K CPUs next month in October. Intel 14th Gen Unlocked CPUs To Be Unveiled This Month But Retail Availability Scheduled For October According to Videocardz, Intel's

How To Create and Use Python Functions

Functions are powerful and useful. With functions we can run many lines of code just by calling their name. Automate processes and make our code a little easier to read.

Viral indie title ‘Only Up’ removed from Steam due to developer stress

With the modern advent of social media and video streaming services we have seen more and more unique indie titles blow up in popularity very quickly. One of the most recent success stories is the physics-

AMD Phoenix 2 APU With Hybrid Zen 4 & Zen 4C Cores Smiles For The Camera In New Die Shots

The first die shots of AMD's Phoenix 2 APUs featuring a hybrid Zen 4 and Zen 4C configuration have been revealed over at Zhuanlan. AMD's Hybrid Phoenix 2 APUs Are Unlike Anything Intel's Doing, Feature Zen 4

Starfield Creation Kit Won’t Arrive Until 2024

According to Todd Howard, the Starfield Creation Kit won’t arrive until next year. That’s from a new interview with Japanese outlet Famitsu, spotted by PCGamesN. The Creation Kit news is probably the most

The Crew Motorfest PC system requirements revealed

Ubisoft has announced the final PC system requirements for The Crew Motorfest. According to the requirements, the game will be relatively easy to run, although the minimum requirements do target 1080p at

Just Five ChatGPT Queries Can Use 16oz of Water, Say Researchers

Data centers are causing environmental stress not just due to power demands, but water usage too, with AI services like ChatGPT ramping up consumption.

MSI GeForce RTX 4090 & RTX 4080 Gaming SLIM GPUs Drop The Weight, Just 3-Slots Thick

MSI has released its top GeForce RTX 4090 & RTX 4080 Gaming SLIM series which reduce the overall thickness from 4-slots to 3-slots. MSI's GeForce RTX 4090 & RTX 4080 GAMING SLIM Lineup Are Slimmer,

Leak points to 25 upcoming 14th Gen desktop CPUs from Intel

If recent reports are to be believed, Intel's 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs should be available in October. Intel hasn't yet officially announced these new CPUs, but a new leak has detailed a full range of

Starfield surpassed 6 million players at launch

Starfield is officially Bethesda's most successful launch. The game already had decent review scores and we'd seen decent player counts on PC while the game was still in early access. Now, we have more

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