Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 13/10/23


Nvidia’s plans for AI GPUs could upend PC gaming forever

Nvidia is planning to seriously up the pace at which it releases graphics cards for AI and heavyweight usage, and that could have ramifications for the firm’s GeForce gaming GPUs.We hear from

Counter-Strike 2 becomes lowest rated Valve game ever

The initial announcement for Counter-Strike 2 was at first met with a great deal of excitement, as many fans never expected to see a new entry in their beloved series – especially as CS:GO was released well

AMD & Intel Laptop CPU Families Detailed: Ryzen 8000 STRIX & HAWK Point In 2024, Arrow Lake-H/HX & Lunar Lake-M By 2025

The next-gen AMD & Intel laptop CPU families have been detailed which cover Strix Point, Hawk Point, Arrow Lake & Lunar Lake. 2024-2025 Will Be A Heated Competition In The Laptop Space Between Intel

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000WX CPU Specs Leak: 7995WX Flagship With 96 Cores, Over 5 GHz Clocks at 350W

We are just a week away from the launch of the Zen 4-powered AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000WX CPUs so today we are going to talk specs. AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000WX CPUs Come In 6

Unity CEO abandons ship after recent backlash to business model changes

One of the more interesting mechanics introduced in Rocket League was the ability for you to trade your acquired items with other players, allowing you to coordinate for specific items, or simply to pawn off any duplicates you’ve gained over the many hours of playing.

Rocket League is removing player-to-player trading

One of the more interesting mechanics introduced in Rocket League was the ability for you to trade your acquired items with other players, allowing you to coordinate for specific items, or simply to pawn off any duplicates you’ve gained over the many hours of playing.

Disney might acquire EA to become the next gaming giant

For as long as there have been video games, there have been titles released based on Disney’s many iconic properties. That said, the media giant has historically shied away from going all-in on game development, instead preferring to partner with other developers an

Intel finally releases its Arc A580 graphics card — and its price might make it the best cheap GPU going

Intel surprised everyone this week when it released its Arc A580 graphics card, a GPU that was first announced last year but which had otherwise been missing in action ever since.The Intel Arc A580 (which

Latest AMD Adrenalin preview drivers introduce System Lag monitoring for RDNA 3 GPUs

AMD has introduced a new monitoring GPU metric with its latest preview graphics drivers. Named System Lag, this new metric measures the delay between the production of frames in a game and

Latest Intel Arc GPU Drivers Boost Starfield Performance By 149%, F1 2023 Boosted By 136%, Add A580 Support

Intel has released its latest Arc GPU Drivers which deliver a massive boost to Starfield, F1 23 & also add support for the newly released Arc A580 graphics card. Intel Fixes Its GPU Performance Within Starfield

NVIDIA Unveils Alan Wake 2 RTX Bundle For GeForce RTX 40 GPUs: Path Tracing & DLSS 3.5 Goodness Included

NVIDIA has just unveiled its brand new RTX bundle which includes a free copy of Alan Wake 2 with GeForce RTX 40 GPUs. You Will Get A Free Copy of Alan Wake 2 With The Purchase of An NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 GPU NVIDIA's latest game bundle promotion now includes a

Official Intel Slides Show Core i9-14900K CPU Up To 23% Faster Than AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D In Gaming

A leaked Intel slide has compared the gaming performance of the flagship Core i9-14900K with the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPU. Intel Core i9-14900K & AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D CPUs Offer Similar Gaming

EA Sports FC launches to massive success despite lack of FIFA name

In May of last year, EA announced that it would no longer be partnering with FIFA for its annual football titles, with the long-running FIFA series now being rebranded to EA Sports FC. While there were concerns that

More than 6000 devs lost their jobs in 2023

2023 has both been one of the best years for gaming as well as one of the worst. While 2023’s output would easily make it an amazing year full of high quality titles, the industry itself has suffered dearly – wit

Starfield patch brings FOV slider and stability improvements for Intel Arc GPUs

Starfield has been out for a little over a month now. Bethesda has already released a couple of patches to target bugs. Now, we have our first of several promised game improvements, with the latest patch adding a FOV slider. You could always adjust the Field of View i3d

AMD Phoenix Desktop APUs For AM5 Might Utilize Phoenix 2 Dies With Zen 4 & Zen 4C Cores

AMD's upcoming Ryzen 7000 "Phoenix" APUs for the AM5 platform might be utilizing the Zen 4 and Zen 4C hybrid architecture configuration. AMD Phoenix 2 Reportedly Coming To AM5 Socket WIth

Intel Executive Hints Towards a Potential Windows 12 Launch By 2024

Windows 12 rumors have started to gain traction in the industry, and now the fire is fueled after the statement of Intel's executive, claiming that the launch may occur in 2024. Intel Might Have Insight On The

Asus PCIe Card Hits 512 Gbps With Four PCIe 5.0 SSDs

Asus has launched a PCIe Gen5 storage expansion card for PCs, but please check the product FAQ for how many drives it will support with your system configuration.

New Freeware Detects Fake USB Drives with Inflated Capacity

If you have a USB drive you suspect might not offer the capacity it was advertised as offering, ValiDrive puts it through a 576-region spot check.

NVIDIA To Launch More Powerful GeForce RTX 4080 Ti GPU In Early 2024 At Same Price As RTX 4080

NVIDIA is rumored to launch its more powerful GeForce RTX 4080 Ti GPU in early 2024 within a similar price range as the RTX 4080. New Rumors Suggest NVIDIA Is Preparing a Faster GeForce RTX 4080 Ti

AMD Ryzen 7000G desktop APUs to use Zen 4 cores and RDNA3 iGPU

AMD launched its latest desktop APUs some time ago. As such, it should be nearly time for the red team to launch a new series. It seems that's indeed happening relatively soon, as the new AGESA

Z790 Refresh Motherboard’s WIFI 7 Capabilities Detailed: MSI & AORUS Lead, ASUS With Low-End Module

ntel's motherboard partners will soon be releasing their brand new Z790 refresh motherboard with WIFI 7 being a major feature. A detailed chart showcases the differences between the WIFI 7

OpenAI Exploring Building Custom AI Chips for ChatGPT: Report

OpenAI is mulling developing its own processors to run AI workloads and is musing acquiring an existing chip designer.

CDPR’s games have sold over 100 million copies

CD Projekt Red have had an interesting few years. Following the overwhelming success of The Witcher 3, the team were elevated to new heights, with their next game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ being huge upon

AMD Might Launch Radeon RX 7600 XT Graphics Card With Massive 16 GB Memory

AMD may have plans to launch a new Radeon RX 7600 XT graphics card featuring a massive 16 GB memory, twice that of the RX 7600. AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT Graphics Card Might Be Launching In Early 2024 With Twice The Memory of Non-XT Variant The AMD Radeon RX

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