Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 08/12/23


Linux gets its own Blue Screen of Death, and it seems more helpful than the one on Windows

Linux users can now enjoy BSODs just like Windows users, with the added benefit of being able to check crash log messages and QR codes.

TSMC and Arizona labor unions come to agreement, fab construction back on track

TSMC's usage of foreign workers upset local workers and unions, but it seems the conflict is at an end.

Sony’s acquisition agreement with Bungie could allow it to fully take over company soon

Bungie's financial struggles this year have been no secret, with Bungie exploring new ways to monetise Destiny 2 players, while simultaneously attempting to draw players back in after a disappointing release in Lightfall. It turns out, the executives

Geralt will return in the next Witcher game

Many of us had assumed that CD Projekt Red would move away from Geralt being the lead character with its new trilogy. However, the game director on The Witcher 4 has now teased Geralt's return. In an

AMD Ryzen 8050 Strix Point APUs With XDNA 2 NPU Coming In 2024, Boosts AI Performance By 3X

AMD's next-gen Strix Point "Ryzen 8050" APUs will feature a major improvement to their AI capabilities with the XDNA 2 engine coming in 2024. AMD Ryzen AI & XDNA 2 NPU To Propel AI Capabilities of Next-

AMD Launches Instinct MI300X AI GPU Accelerator, Up To 60% Faster Than NVIDIA H100

AMD has announced the official launch of its flagship AI GPU accelerator, the MI300X, which offers up to 60% better performance than NVIDIA's H100. AMD Finally Has The GPU To Tackle NVIDIA In

AMD RX 7000-series' high idle power draw finally appears to be fixed with the latest 23.12.1 drivers

AMD RX 7000-series' high idle power draw finally appears to be fixed with the latest 23.12.1 drivers. We've tested the RDNA 3 GPUs and found they're all now idling at less than 20W.

Deepcool introduces the new Morpheus ATX+ PC case

Deepcool has introduced a new PC case to its lineup. Featuring an airflow-oriented design, the Morpheus is an ATX+ case for both experienced and casual PC builders alike. The Deepcool Morpheus

AMD finally adds hardware accelerated GPU scheduling support to some of its GPUs — three years after the feature first debuted in Windows

AMD's most recent Adrenalin driver finally enables hardware accelerated GPU scheduling to select Radeon GPUs.

Over a million players have already beaten Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 will undoubtedly go down as one of the biggest success stories of 2023. After spending years in Early Access, the role playing game officially launched back in August to a massive wave of

Nvidia CEO sees Intel and Huawei as 'formidable competitors' in AI chipmaking race

Nvidia's Jensen Huang warns that Huawei and other AI processor developers from China compete against Nvidia worldwide.

Survey finds 40% of university students in Japan don’t know the copy-and-paste shortcut keys

A recent survey of university students in Japan found that awareness of basic keyboard shortcut keys was lacking.

The five worst AMD GPUs of all time: So bad we can't forget them

We'd really hate for AMD to forget how to make good GPUs, so here's how AMD made five really awful ones.

First Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer drops early — arrives in 2025 for PS5 and Xbox, no mention of PC version

The latest installment of Grand Theft Auto, GTA VI, finally drops its first trailer after months of leaks and teases. Vice City has never looked better!

NVIDIA’s RTX Is Now “ON” In Over 500 Games & Applications: Taking PC Gaming To The Next Level Since 2018

NVIDIA has achieved a new milestone in its "RTX ON" journey with the total number of RTX games & applications now surpassing the 500 mark. NVIDIA RTX First Launched In 2018 & Has Completely Reshaped

Windows update renames every installed printer HP LaserJet Ultra M106, changes icons, and forces install of HP Smart app

Microsoft has been quiet as HP says it's trying to get to the root of the problem. Users reported their installed printers were renamed to HP LaserJet and HP app installed after updating Windows.

Don’t wait to make that RAM upgrade – rumor suggests PC memory is going to get pricier soon

A fresh prediction of bigger price hikes for system RAM is somewhat worrying news for those who might be mulling an upgrade for the memory in their PC.Wccftech spotted a report from Taiwan Business

Windows 12 is reportedly launching next year

Rumors have surfaced that Microsoft is preparing to launch Windows 12 in June 2024. This news has generated excitement in the Taiwanese PC industry, with major players such as Acer, Quanta, MSI,

NVIDIA DLSS 3 Frame Generation & AMD Fluid Motion Frame Tech Combo Delivers Up To 3x Performance Boost in Games

NVIDIA's DLSS 3 Frame Generation & AMD Fluid Motion Frame technologies were never meant to work together but the folks at Quasarzone somehow managed to get both running in games and sa

Windows 12 will launch in June 2024 with a slew of AI PCs, according to Taiwan’s Commercial Times

Windows 12 will launch in June 2024, coinciding with a wave of AI PCs, according to a new report based on information gleaned from a recent tech exhibition in Taipei.

Three gaming-focused Linux operating systems beat Windows 11 in gaming benchmarks

ComputerBase benchmarked three different Linux operating systems and found that all three can achieve better gaming performance than Windows 11.

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