Call of Duty Warzone Battle PC

High end gaming, streaming and content creation

This Call of Duty Warzone Battle PC is everything you need to get into the game. It will enable you to enjoy fast paced, high quality gaming at your preferred resolution whilst its multi-core processor will allow you to stream your gameplay to game streaming services such as Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and more.

Using only high quality components and 3 year Australian warranty, you know that the Call of Duty Battle PC is going to last.

Whats more, the PC has a great cooling and power delivery solution along with an unlocked processor. This makes it very easy to overclock to gain even more performance!


All-Round Performance Gaming PC

We used higher quality components so that the PC will not only last, but also give you upgrade and overclocking options now or later.

We used a well-respected, fully modular, Gold standard, 750 watt power supply coupled with a 240mm liquid cooling solution so this PC runs great when under pressure. As the components are designed to be pushed further, you can be sure that you can gain more raw performance in gaming and video editing, giving you the advantage.

Quality Components As Standard

Corsair Crystal Series iCUE 465X ATX Case

The Call of Duty Warzone Battle PC looks great with a gorgeous LL120 RGB Fan front panel. Great price and decent build quality makes this case a great all-rounder that gives a fantastic light show which can be fully customised to your preferred look and feel.

ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E (WiFi) Motherboard

The ROG STRIX X570-E motherboard is one of the best for gamers out there. It gives you great control over your overclock settings, has rock solid VRM solution and has built in WiFi 6 / Bluetooth 5.0. It also sports the new PCI4.0 architecture meaning it can run very fast storage and graphics solutions.

Corsair CP-9020179-AU

Corsair RM 750x Gold Modular
Power Supply

A great power supply for enthusiasts. It can power any graphics card, even the K|NGP|N. Or you can overclock processor and graphics with its rock solid Japanese built design. It is so good that it comes with a 10 year warranty from Corsair.

Corsair CW-9060040-WW

Corsair H100x 240mm AIO Cooler

You choose how you want this fantastic cooler to perform. Cool and quiet, overclock and fierce, or anywhere in between. It is one of our favourite 240mm coolers as it gives great cooling performance. Completely sealed, so there is zero maintenance required.

Microsoft KW9-00478

Windows 10 Home Installed with Recovery

We pre-install Windows 10 for you. A nice clean install with only the relevant drivers for the system. We don't install any unwanted software so you can be sure of a stable and clean system, ready for personalisation.


Stress Free Component Choice

When you don’t know if X motherboard is better than Y motherboard but doesn’t give Z option. We have researched the market for the most popular and most sought after features. We have pre-selected the case, motherboard and power supply so that you don’t need to trouble yourself with any incompatibilities. By fixing the core component foundations you are able to confidently select the components below to concentrate all your efforts on your performance vs. budget. 

Built to Last

Quality By Design

We only use high quality components so you have the best possible chance of this PC working for years to come. For example, we use Corsair power supplies for our PCs, insanely low return % Samsung SSD drives and rock-solid Seagate hard drives. Where some manufacturers skimp on generic or bespoke unknown brands, we raise the bar with top quality components. 

Configure Your Dream PC...

Please review each step below and select the components you wish for us to insert into your PC.  The price is reflected below. Add to cart to purchase your configuration. Easy!


Australian Gaming PC Components

All our systems are built with components authorised for sale in Australia, bought from reputable authorised Australian companies. This means you get the Australian warranty and Australian return path. No need to ship your components overseas for warranty repair, resulting in long delays. If anything should fail, just send it back to us and we issue a new one. It’s that simple. 

You can even open up the computer and get modding, no voiding warranties for DIY upgrades!  Feel free to run your upgrade choice by us and we can advise what will work best.  (We can even do it for you if you wish)

All our systems are backed by 3 year warranty as well so you have complete peace of mind we can help. 

Take a closer look...

*Cooler displayed above is different to the one included. RGB RAM & Lighting may vary depending on your selections.

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