Picture of a beast signifying that buying a custom gaming pc from Dream PC is a great pc

Buy a Custom Gaming PC in Australia

Looking for a BEAST of a Custom Gaming PC?

You found the perfect spot to camp.

AWM is locked and loaded.

Your KDR is like 50:1

You are the last of 2 players standing.
1 v 1

Then it happens

Your computer crashes.... again!

windows blue screen of death bsod this must mean you need a new custom gaming pc

Or maybe your video card just can't keep up

And the game runs so slow that you keep missing golden headshot opportunities.

Don’t Get Pwned with a Poorly Built PC

It really doesn’t matter what game you’re playing — or whether it’s leisure, ladder, or a clan match. Playing on a sub-par PC is like eating cold pizza: disappointing but you do it anyway.
That’s why Dream PC is committed to building you the custom gaming pc you need, with professional standards, at a price that’s right.

3 Good reasons why we think you’ll love our custom gaming PCs

For Gamers, By Gamers

Dream PC is founded by gamers who recognise that not all of our squadmates have the skillset to build their own gaming computer. That’s why we are committed to delivering you an awesome system that runs well and isn’t burdened by messy cable management or the other issues that plague PCs built by people who just don’t know gaming.

Above Industry Standards

While the other guys are just looking to make a quick buck, Dream PC adheres to the highest quality standards. We don’t just meet what the industry demands, we exceed it.

Everything You Want, Nothing You Don't

We build according to your desire. Whatever you need to get your game on, it’s yours. We don’t throw in unnecessary extras to bump the price or slow you down.
Apex Legends Good PC

A PC Gamer Needs a Custom Gaming PC

Look. If all you’re using your computer for is typing essays for class or creating Excel spreadsheets, you might as well go to our home office pc configuration tool. You don't need raw power.

But that's not why you're here.
on those late-night, Mountain Dew fueled, order takeout at 3AM gaming sessions.
Corsair CMK64GX4M4A2400C14

You need something with plenty of RAM coming out the wazoo.

Outdated hardware, an old CRT screen with Windows crashing

You don't need something loaded with unnecessary software or anchored to outdated hardware.


Something with a graphics card that immerses you in the game.

Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers for PC PS3 Xbox 360 Wii iPod DVD player 3D Stereo 75 watts (RMS) Ported

Something that supports the cutting edge SFX and soundtrack of modern games.

Samsung MZ-V7P512BW

You need something you can just boot up and get the game loaded.

We've been pairing gamers just like you with the perfect setup for years
We’d love for you to join our clan

Choose Your Weapon
Level Up Your Gaming Experience

You can sit there and keep hitting
⏫ ⏫ ⏬ ⏬, ⏪ ⏩ ⏪ ⏩, 🅱️ 🅰️, START
to unlock the cheat code because your console sucks.
Or you can upgrade to an awesome custom gaming PC…

Dream PC is a custom pc builder based in Adelaide, South Australia

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