Re-Install Windows
(Fresh Start)


Make a fresh start – We will install Windows / Your favourite operating system for you with drivers and all available updates



Have you been plagued with:

  • Unwanted applications?
  • Slow system?
  • Virus / Malware infections?
  • Pop ups?
  • Takes forever to start up in the morning?
  • Crashing or system instability?
  • System will not boot at all?
  • Just want a fresh start?

If ‘YES’ to any one or more of those items, then we can help you!

If you just want to start over and go back to basics, we can re-install Windows or any other operating system for you. To achieve this, we will:


  1. Check with you the issues and to ensure this is the right solution for you
  2. Arrange collection either in person or via courier. (Packaging can also be arranged to be sent to you at additional cost)
  3. Confirm if you need any data saving prior to doing anything! (see our data backup / data transfer / disk clone options)
  4. Confirm with you if you need any hardware upgrades whilst it is with us.
  5. Prepare the machine for re-install – we check the devices installed, drivers required etc.
  6. Re-install Windows / your operating system.
  7. Install all drivers for the hardware installed inside.
  8. Install all the latest operating system security patches, updates and major releases.
  9. Test thoroughly to ensure whatever issues you were experiencing has gone.
  10. Give you your machine back