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Intel Extreme Custom PC

There are virtually no limits for this custom built Intel Extreme PC. You can be creating that movie or a complex engineering prototype faster than ever. When those creative juices start flowing, you want the technology to keep up. 

With 8x DIMM DDR4 memory slots, there is no more waiting! Stable even in the most extreme scenarios, you can overclock with confidence without compromising performance! In simpler terms, this baby has all the bells and whistles! A serious amount of upgrading options here, so don’t hesitate to click here for help!  

Customise your Intel Extreme Custom PC with Intel’s latest extreme computer architecture. Featuring the new X299 Chipset, an LGA2066 CPU socket capable of housing Intel Core X-Series processors.

The Intel® Core™ X-series processor family is their most powerful ever. With up to 18 cores and 36 threads Intel’s flagship enthusiast processor range. Not bad at all for a home user environment! Intel released these CPU’s factory unlocked which means that they can be pushed to their ragged limits if the proper cooling is also provisioned. Not only that but they carry a stack of cache (up to 25mb cache)

Turn your Intel Extreme PC into a studio: produce amazing 4K or 360-degree videos, stunning photos, or amazing music. This is the ultimate tool for gaming and virtual reality experience the power to do it all.

Terminology Highlights

  • Intel® X299 Chipset – This refers to the set of electronic components in motherboards that manages the data flow between CPU, memory and PCI lanes. Intel’s X299 chipset is specifically designed to allow more PCI express lanes than other Intel chipsets. Consequently giving more possibilities for CPU speeds, multi-gpu graphics cards all the way through to more USB ports.
  • Intel® Core™ X-series processor – This refers to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of the system. Intel have designed this CPU family to appeal to enthusiasts, overclockers and streamers. The family ranges from 4 cores all the way up to 18 cores and customers can buy with confidence that this processor will perform well in CPU intense situations.
  • Socket LGA 2066 – This is essentially the footprint of the CPU and how many pins it has. The physical socket in which the CPU fits into. Also known as a Socket R4 but most commonly known as the LGA2066 socket. It is the successor of the very well received LGA2011 and LGA2011-3 sockets which we saw released on the market in November 2011. This line of architecture tends to stick around longer than the smaller more mainstream CPUs, learning more towards favourable longevity among enthusiasts and gamers.

Features and Performance of the Intel Extreme Custom PC

Whether you are working on your latest feature film or the next episode of a YouTube* series, the unlocked Intel® Core™ X-series processors are designed to scale to your performance needs by using the two fastest cores at higher frequencies and up to 18 cores when extreme mega tasking is required. Experience extreme performance, immersive 4K visuals, high speed storage and memory, and the latest technological advancements – all designed to get you from planning to final product faster than ever. The Intel Extreme PC from Dream PC will certainly maximise your performance in all CPU intensive functions.

Spend more time creating and less time waiting. The Intel® Core X-series processor can handle your most demanding workload. Upload and edit your 360˚ videos quickly and experience VR videos–all in stunning 4K. There are no limits to what you can create on your new computer.

When creating your best work, you need the most responsive technology to handle multiple, CPU-intensive tasks at once. You can edit your video, render 3D effects, and compose the soundtrack simultaneously without compromising your computer’s performance.

Intel® unlocked the Core™ X-series processor family to provide additional headroom. New features include the ability to overclock each core individually. AVX ratio controls for more stability, and VccU voltage control for extreme scenarios. Tools like Intel’s Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) and Extreme Memory Profile (XMP), you have a powerful kit for maximizing performance.


Related Technologies

Improve efficiency with Intel® Smart Cache technology. All cores now have access to the entire last-level cache so pre-fetching data happens before requests are made. Intel® Smart Cache also features a new power-saving feature that dynamically flushes memory based on demand or during periods of inactivity. The result of which means your applications will be able to keep up with your demands.

Increase your computer’s processing power. Available on Intel® Core X-series processors. Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 identifies your processor’s two fastest cores and directs your most critical workloads there. With improved single-threaded performance, you to get the best performance possible out of your computer.


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