PC Build Livestream – Watch and Interact


We get a lot of requests from customers for us to show them how we build computers, or take them through our builds so they can learn.

  • “Can I come and watch you build my PC?”
  • “I wish I knew what parts were and how it all works, like you guys”
  • “I am not sure if I want to buy a custom computer because I don’t know what was done to it during the process”

WATCH and INTERACT with us whilst we build your PC. This option will allow you to watch us build your PC on a live stream, where you can interact with the PC builder via chat. Ask questions, learn how it is built and get to know your new system.

Firstly, we shall invite you to our dedicated private Facebook livestream group (Facebook account required), and you can browse the previous livestreams whilst you wait for yours to happen. Once we have confirmed all the parts for your PC are ready, we shall arrange a suitable timeslot that works for you. At the going live time, our PC builder member of staff will wear a head-mounted GoPro camera and stream the video to the private Facebook group so you can watch the action unfold

Livestreams are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at 10am-12pm (max 2 hrs). Videos will be stored and can be re-watched at your convenience for as long as Facebook keeps them. You can also download the video from Facebook for local playback/keepsake.

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