ROCCAT KONE XTD Max Customisation Gaming Mouse

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ROCCAT® Kone XTD – Max Customisation Gaming Mouse How do you improve on a classic? How do you take the edge you already have and hone it into a knife’s-edge instrument of victory? ROCCAT’s team of designers and testers forged the answer, taking the player-favourite Kone[+], popping its hood, and adding a ton of muscle and power. 8200DPI SENSOR + TDCU The Kone XTD’s stunningly accurate 8200dpi tracking laser is designed with precision aiming and twitch adjustments in mind, with a 1000Hz polling rate ensuring you’ll never suffer from sluggish play. The Tracking and Distance Control Unit (TDCU) means the Kone XTD always optimises to your preferred mousepad surface. EASY-SHIFT[+]™ TECHNOLOGY ROCCAT’s breakthrough Easy-Shift[+]™ technology means each button has more winning-edge value with a secondary programmable function, for a wide array of battle possibilities. Intuitive and easy to program, with options for simple commands or complex macros, Easy-Shift[+]™ expands your arsenal, letting you react both rapidly and efficiently in the heat of the battle. CUSTOMISABLE ILLUMINATION Customize the look of your Kone XTD to fit your style. With four configurable LED lights displaying a brilliant 33 discrete colours, plus a variety of active effects, you can turn the Kone XTD into your signature gaming weapon. ERGONOMIC, ROBUST DESIGN Rigorous field testing plus a treasure trove of ergonomic features designed for comfortable marathon playing result in a mouse forged for true veterans of gaming warfare and newbies alike. Staying true to the Kone[+]’s iconic design, the Kone XTD adds an ultra-solid 4D Titan Wheel built to the toughest engineering standards, with a robust axis shaft reporting millions of precise steps during its lifespan. Basically, you aren’t going to beat the Titan Wheel up. ROCCAT® Driver + R.A.D. The Kone XTD features ROCCAT®’s comprehensive driver suite that provides total control over your mouse. Easily create an army

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