Intel doesn’t want its CPUs to be judged just on benchmarks, but also broader benefits

Intel’s CEO has recently offered up his thoughts on how the PC industry is too focused on looking at benchmark numbers, and should be considering the broader benefits which its processors deliver. The comments came from Bob Swan, chief executive, delivered in a ‘Message to Computex’ which was uploaded to YouTube. Swan also again confirmed […]

One of Windows 10’s best features is about to get much better

Microsoft continues to beaver away at the Your Phone app, which hooks up your smartphone with your Windows 10 PC, and the next new feature in the pipeline is reportedly Picture-in-Picture support for messaging. Note that this feature is still in early development, and hasn’t yet reached the stage of being tested by Windows Insiders […]

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X price drop could take the wind out of Intel Comet Lake CPU sales

AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X has reportedly been given a price cut in the wake of Intel’s new Comet Lake processors hitting the shelves, which could certainly be viewed as a reactive move following the 10th-gen desktop launch. According to a report by TechPowerup, AMD has signaled to retailers to drop the price of the 3900X […]