Microsoft Edge is about to get a whole lot faster – so watch out, Chrome

The switch to the Chromium engine gave many people a new reason to try out Microsoft Edge. Now Microsoft has revealed something else that might motivate more people into taking its web browser for a spin. The company says that it has introduced new optimisations into Edge that have made it significantly faster. Benchmark results […]

Mozilla’s venerable email client Thunderbird finds a new home to roost

Mozilla has been very quiet about Thunderbird for some time now. Although the email client was never officially killed off, the organisation stopped actively developing it a number of years ago, now conceding that “there was a time when Thunderbird’s future was uncertain”. But now the software has a new home and a new owner. […]

Google is phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome to protect your privacy

Google is not a company most people would associate with privacy, but it has announced plans to help improve the privacy of Chrome users. The aim is to make third-party cookies obsolete with a new set of standards. Tracking cookies are commonly used by advertisers to gather information about people to help deliver better targeted […]

Windows 10 security bug leaves your PC vulnerable to attack: here’s how to patch it

Microsoft has released an urgent patch for Windows after the US National Security Agency (NSA) discovered a critical bug in the operating system. As part of its regular Patch Tuesday, the company issued a fix for the CVE-2020-0601 vulnerability and the NSA says that anyone running Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 […]

Firefox 72 brings enhanced privacy, picture-in-picture improvements, and more

Mozilla has released version 72 of its Firefox web browser, introducing new features for Windows, Mac and Linux users, including a new option to delete telemetry data. The latest version of the browser takes steps to make notification requests generated by websites less irritating and intrusive. Now, rather than a message popping up on screen […]

Google lets Chrome users share sites via QR code – here’s how to enable it

The Canary builds of Chrome are something of an experimental playground, but they give an exciting taste of what the future holds for Google’s web browser. One of the latest features to be added to preview builds is the ability to share links with people via QR code – those strange barcode alternatives that look […]

Facebook Messenger for Windows now has a dark mode – here’s how to enable it

The dark mode phenomenon continues to spread its inky fingers through websites and apps on all platforms – and Facebook is not immune. The Messenger component of social network might be most readily associated with the iOS and Android apps as well as the Facebook website, and it’s easy to forget that there’s actually a […]