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Questions to ask:

Most people have an inclination of which brand of processor they prefer, Intel or AMD.

Don’t worry if you don’t know yours yet. Feel free to disclose what your workload might look like and the community can gauge which one is best for your needs.

Do you need a graphics card? If so, do you have a preference over NVIDIA, AMD or Intel? Don’t forget to mention what you will need the PC to do, and the community can gain an understanding of what works best.

It is a good idea to let people know a rough estimate, or even price bracket so they can understand where to balance the system for your needs. As a guide, the average PC order value is around $2,300, so if you are not sure – this would be a reasonable assumption to aim for.

It is worth mentioning if you intend to play games or if you don’t want to play games. Perhaps even rate your gaming expectations between 1-5.

1 = No Gaming

2 = Basic gaming

3 = Mid-tier (1080p)

4 = High-end (1440p)

5 = Top-Spec (4k)

Other useful information  is if you already have a monitor – let people know what resolution / Hz the display is. Then we can then let you know what card will work best for that monitor spec. i.e. there is no point in getting a super-high-end gaming card when your monitor is only 720p 50Hz and visa versa.

Perhaps you don’t want to play games, or maybe you want to play and work from the same PC.

Do you render with 3D applications?

Are you a video editor?

Are you a day trader?

Do you mine crypto?

All these different angles are worth knowing so we can push/pull the levers of performance to make the PC best suit your workload.

Some people want all the lighting they can get. Others hate the stuff and just want the thing to work.

Let people know, before they allocate any budget to lighting.

Do you already have a Windows license?

Do you need the PC for streaming to Twitch/YouTube/Facebook?

Do you want/not want liquid cooling?

Do you prefer to stick with Windows 10, or go for Windows 11?

How much storage do you need?

Does it need to be quiet? or max airflow because you intend to overclock it?

Does it need WIFI? Bluetooth?

Do you want zero wireless tech?

Let ’em know!

Whatever your needs – we can help you. If you feel you are not getting the answers you need, you can always contact us and we shall do our best to help.