Help Me Choose!



We'd love to help you choose the right PC for you.

In this form we are going to ask you a few questions so we can gauge what you are looking for and be able to provide you with an email quotation.

It's one of life's big questions in the world of computing. Let us know if you prefer AMD or Intel, have no preference, or you have no idea. Any answer is fine, we just don't want to insult a fanboy with the wrong processor brand.
Any answer is ok, we just don't want to make sure we give you an opporunity to specify what you want.
NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon? Both play games well. In a nutshell, NVIDIA has CUDA cores and AMD has affordability.
Let's address the elephant in the room. Realistically, how much money are you wanting to put towards just your new PC? (we can discuss keyboards/mice/monitors later)

These questions really help us hone in the specs to your individual needs. Please consider them carefully as they are critical to us getting a good result for you.

Budget -> Performance

NOTE: Options on the left represent a cost save, where as options on the right indicate more money would need to be spent to achieve.