Configure an AMD Gaming PC


Our AMD Gaming PC enables gamers to do more than just play. It allows gamer / content creators to get multi-core things done faster.

Up to 12-Core, 24-Thread CPU and DDR4 RAM is unbeatable for multitasking so you can get some work done while you play if you want. This custom build PC is undoubtedly equipped to play all of the most popular games! There is nothing on the market this beast cannot handle, especially if it is set up with SLI/CrossFireX graphics card.
The AMD Gaming PC will handle any task you give it with ease, speed, and unmatched stability. We’d recommend 16 GB ram for most things these days but if 16 GB of memory is not enough for what you have in mind, this system’s memory could be expanded all the way up to 128 GB. 

Increase your system’s performance even more with X570 Chipset that allows the most granular configuration of processor clock speeds and memory timings. And check this – All AMD processors are unlocked! So tweak away with your overclocks if you want, or leave it stock clock. It’s really up to you.

Which one is better for gaming? AMD or Intel?

Well that’s the age old question and up until recently, Intel were king. AMD have recently caught right up though to the point where in terms of gaming, there isn’t really anything between the two and in fairness to AMD, when you couple gaming with other tasks such as streaming your gameplay to Twitch, the extra cores and cache of the AMD makes it actually start to pull ahead. 

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 610 × 610 × 410 mm
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    • Built for you, ready to use.
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    • 3 Year Labour warranty
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