AMD A-Series Desktop PC

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  • Latest 7th Generation AMD A-Series Processors
  • AMD APU technology with up to 4 CPU and 8 GPU cores
  • Built-in discreet Radeon™ graphics with FreeSync™
  • Premium performance at a great value
  • Innovative processing for gaming and modern workloads
  • Ultra Fast USB 3.0 & SATA 6Gbps Transfer Speeds


A-Series APUs, innovation designed for today’s modern applications

AMD A-Series APUs deliver great performance and best-in-class online gaming with an easy upgrade path for your desktop.

Get more of what you want with an AMD A-Series Desktop APU


Best-in-class online gaming with built-in Radeon™ graphics¹¹ ¹²

  • Designed to play the most popular online and eSports games like League of Legends® and Counter Strike®: Global Offensive right out of the box on max settings
  • Supports Microsoft® Xbox One™ game streaming through Windows® 10
  • From AMD, the company behind proven high-performance processors in the PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One™ gaming consoles, and Radeon™ graphics cards


Online gaming

AMAZING performance, GREAT price


  • A single, efficient A-series processor can deliver higher game performance on popular game titles than a competing processor combined with a discrete graphics card 5
  • Fantastic Windows® 10 and accelerated app performance from leading software makers such as Adobe®, ArcSoft and Corel
  • An AMD A10 APU can provide up to double the graphics performance of the Intel Core i53


AMD A10-7890K APU with Wraith Cooler

  • The fastest AMD desktop APU ever released with 1.02 TFLOPS of theoretical compute performance1
  • Bundled with the virtually silent AMD Wraith Cooler, the A10-7890K delivers a high-performance combo that every PC enthusiast can be proud to show in their system
  • Generating less than one-tenth the noise of its predecessor, AMD’s new Wraith Cooler is virtually silent and features backlit illumination and an attractive fan shroud2


Wraith cooler

Meet the AMD A-Series Desktop APU family


Premium performance at a great value in today’s online games for Windows® 10


Quad-core performance and features for the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience


The rich entertainment experience you expect from AMD


A fantastic Windows® 10 experience.

AMD A-Series Comparison Chart


AMD FreeSync™ Technology

A complete solution to eliminate screen tearing without all the usual lag and latency for a more seamless viewing experience.6

online gaming

Designed for online gaming

Take your online gaming to the next level with stunning visuals and seamless gameplay on AMD A-Series Desktop APUs.

DirectX 12

The Direct X® 12 difference

With the new DirectX® 12 API from Microsoft®, you get blazingly fast performance, higher frames per second, and reduced latency.

Model Number
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Graphics Compute Cores* CPU Clock Speed GPU Clock Speed TDP Total L2 Cache DDR3 Speed Display Capabilities
A10-7890K Wraith cooler Radeon™ R7 graphics 12 (4 CPU + 8 GPU) 4.3 GHz/ 4.1 GHz 866 MHz 95W 4MB 2133 HDMI™ 1.4a, Display Port 1.2, DVI, AMD Freesync™ technology
A10-7870K Radeon™ R7 graphics 12 (4 CPU + 8 GPU) 4.1 GHz/ 3.9 GHz 866 MHz 95W 4MB 2133 HDMI™ 1.4a, Display Port 1.2, DVI, AMD Freesync™ technology
A10-7860K Radeon™ R7 graphics 12 (4 CPU + 8 GPU) 4.0 GHz/ 3.6 GHz  757MHz 45-65W 4MB  2133 HDMI™ 1.4a, Display Port 1.2, DVI, AMD Freesync™ technology