Configure an AMD Mini PC


The AMD Mini PC offers amazing multi-core performance, powerful gaming and still fits in your TV cabinet. Fantastic.

Minimalist lifestyle or lack of space, whatever your reason is, this AMD Mini PC comes in a very compact package. If you have to find a compromise with sharing your space, at least stand your ground where it matters. AMD Mini PC will not disappoint any user! 

AMD AM4 mITX Motherboard and a variety of AMD Ryzen Processors to choose from will make you feel like you have a full-size system. Fit for any user, this system will accomplish all daily tasks at home or office with surprising speed and stable performance. You have a choice of the latest DDR4 memory between 4 GB which comes standard to 32 GB if you wish to boost your system’s stats.

A ton of options for Small Form Factor Mini-ITX cases which will not only save you space but will provide proper cooling for your system. Don’t hesitate to consider this AMD Mini PC for doing great things! With a capability to fit a full-size graphics card, this machine will outbrave a lot of full-size systems! Whether it is moderate gaming, multitasking between multiple windows or streaming video, this custom-built AMD Mini PC can do it all!

What is a mini-PC?

A mini PC is a small computer, as you can probably guess. There are many ways and methods of making a PC small and they can be small, smaller, tiny or teeny-weeny. Ambiguous right? Well this one you have stumbled upon here is based on the Mini-ITX platform. This means that everything is still the same standards when it comes to processor, ram, graphics, storage and even power supply. The only thing that is different is the motherboard and the case. Here is what Mini-ITX stands for

ASUS managed to squeeze down the motherboard size yet keep everything the same standard as the regular ‘ATX’ desktop motherboard. They just got very clever with the motherboard layout so that everything is closer together. Putting the storage on the back of the motherboard is another cool trick to save space. The focal point being to keep space saving to an absolute maximum without making everything overheat. Its a challenge but ASUS along with the case manufacturers have managed to make it work well. So much so there is room for a full sized graphics card, overclocking and a liquid cooling solution. Amazing!

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 610 × 610 × 410 mm
  • System Overview

  • Price includes:

    • Built for you, ready to use.
    • Your choice of shipping
    • 3 Year Labour warranty
    • Lifetime email/phone support
    • No credit card fees
    • Finance available