Intel Mini PC

Our Intel Mini PC is designed and built especially for users with limited space. Whether it is a corner desk in your living room or a tiny bedroom that has to have space for a computer system, this baby can fit anywhere!

Now, small doesn’t mean weak here! This mini PC has the capabilities and performance of a full-size system. Intel® Socket 1200 Motherboard in a combination with 10th generation Intel® Core™ Processors is sure to accomplish any task you give it. Expandable up to 64 GB DDR4 memory provides the power of standard size computer in a small package.

Expect to be surprised too! Small Form Factor Mini-ITX cases can actually fit a full-size graphics card.

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Our Intel Mini PC is a small form factor powerful PC that lets you work and play without losing desk real-estate.

Depending on your needs, this system can be built for all-purpose home and office use to moderate gaming and entertainment. 

Graphics cards could be upgraded to 3D capabilities for gaming, modeling, and special video effects. Onboard High Definition Audio, Standard Intel Cooling, and 3-year Warranty come standard on the system. 

Optional upgrades include fast SSD1 and/or SSD2, Windows 10 Home Edition operating system and Anti-Virus and Internet Security packages.

What makes the Intel Mini PC so small?

This is because the case and motherboard use a smaller footprint, namely the Mini-ITX form factor. Everything is the same as a normal PC, just closer together and space optimised. Every aspect of the case and motherboard has been thought out to achieve two things; minimum space usage and maximum heat dissipation. To learn more about the Mini-ITX form factor, visit the Mini-ITX Wiki

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