Ryzen Overclock Boost Enabled


We will overclock the machine for you and take extra testing steps to verify stability of the OC.

  1. Establish the baseline by benchmarking the stock CPU settings.
  2. Save the stock settings as a BIOS OC Profile.
  3. Overclock the CPU using the BIOS settings
  4. Re-benchmark the CPU to verify the OC speed vs stock.
  5. Extra stress testing to verify the OC is stable using Prime95, Cinebench and Ryzen Master Utility
  6. Confirm temperatures are still good for daily use.
  7. Save the OC settings as a BIOS OC profile.


Using the Overclocking capabilities of the CPU and the motherboard, we have performed substantial amounts of testing and research and found a comfortable compromise between performance, stability and minimised heat generation. Each CPU undergoes several tests on burn for hours to ensure the system is stable with the settings inserted.

Tools such as Prime, Handbrake and Cinebench certainly put the CPU through the benchmark and ‘real-world’ stresses.