Build a Custom PC

Intel Based Custom PCBuild a Custom Intel Computer

The most advanced microprocessor technology on the planet, combining innovation with sheer performance. The most popular and trusted brand of the past decades for Work, Create and Play. Known for its dependable and consistent reliability throughout the entire range. 

Build your own AMD computerBuild a Custom AMD Computer

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible with computing, AMD’s return to form is a breath of fresh air. Unprecedented multi-threading performance, coupled with a very competitive price point has certainly stirred the market.

"What is the difference between Intel and AMD?"

When you build a custom PC, you generally have to make a choice as to which major manufacture you would like to go with. The major players in the computer industry are Intel and AMD. 

There are some subtle differences between the two platforms, and at times it seems one is making leaps and bounds ahead of the other but both have a common similarity: Both give a great experience for computing! 

Let's quickly weigh up the differences

Intel computers:

AMD computers:

Over the years, Intel and AMD have become great rivals and have built up loyal fan bases throughout. So much so that the rivalry could be compared to that same level of rivalry of Ford and General Motors. Just know that which ever one you go with, you are going to get a great PC experience.

So, are you team red or team blue?

Can't Decide? Let us help you decide with our helpful jargon free "Help Me Choose!" page.