Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 10/08/23


AMD Zen 1 Vulnerability Emerges, Dividing by 0 Can Leak Sensitive Data

Yet another CPU vulnerability has been found, this time affecting Zen 1 CPUs in Linux-based operating systems. This new vulnerability allows potentially sensitive data to be released if a Zen 1 chip divides an

Samsung Announces 256TB SSDs and Unveils Peta-Byte Scale PBSSDs

Samsung is at the Flash Memory Summit and has announced 256TB SSDs, as well as unveiling its peta-byte scale PBSSDs.

Intel Confirms Lion Cove P-Core & Skymont E-Cores For Next-Gen Lunar Lake CPUs

Intel's latest Permon update has added support for next-gen Lunar Lake CPUs & confirmed the latest Lion Cove and Skymont core architectures. Intel Lunar Lake CPUs Confirmed To Utilize Next-Gen

Intel Saw A 23% Client CPU Market Share Increase In Q2 2023 While AMD Fell -5.3%

The Client CPU market seems to have broken its downward trend with Intel leading the charge over AMD, reports Jon Peddie Research. Intel Gains While AMD Loses Client CPU Market Share: Segment Sees First

Asus Launches New Lineup Of White RTX 40 Series GPUs

Asus' Tianxuan series extends to Ada Lovelace graphics cards, including the GeForce RTX 4070, GeForce RTX 4060 Ti, and GeForce RTX 4060

Superconductor LK-99 Breakthrough Disproven? New Studies Refute Claims

Researchers in China and India claim the substance is not a superconductor at all. However, there are still plenty of other studies ongoing.

Intel Downfall & AMD Inception Are The Latest CPU Vulnerabilities Affecting Thousands of PCs

Intel and AMD platforms reportedly face newly surfaced CPU vulnerabilities codenamed Downfall & Inception, impacting the security and performance of several PCs. We will go into each

NVIDIA GH200 GPU Boosted With World’s Fastest HBM3e Memory, Delivers 5 TB/s Bandwidth

NVIDIA has just announced its boosted GH200 GPU which now comes equipped with HBM3e, the world's fastest memory solution. NVIDIA Equips World's Fastest AI GPU With World's Fastest Memory: Meet GH200 HBM3e Edition! According to NVIDIA, the Hopper GH200

Intel Core i7-14700K CPU With 20 Cores Spotted Running At 6.3 GHz On MSI’s Z690 Motherboard

Intel's Core i7-14700K Raptor Lake Refresh Desktop CPU has also been spotted running at a clock speed of up to 6.3 GHz. Intel Core i7-14700K CPU Spotted: 14th Gen Raptor Lake With 20 Cores,

Intel Core i5-14600K Raptor Lake Refresh CPU Spotted: 14 Cores, 20 Threads & 5.3 GHz Boost

Intel's upcoming Core i5-14600K Raptor Lake Refresh CPU has been spotted running on a Z790 platform. Intel 14th Gen Core i5-14600K CPU Offers 14 Cores, Boosts Up To 5.3 GHz & Compatible With Both 600/700-Series Motherboards In a picture posted by HXL (@9550pro),

AMD Begins Resolving “fTPM” Bugs on Linux, Disables Annoying “RNG”

AMD has started working on a new patch that will disable RNG (Random Number Generator) for AMD fTPMs to counter unwanted annoyance. AMD's fTPM Issues Have Taken a Rise After Introduction

AMD Begins Resolving “fTPM” Bugs on Linux, Disables Annoying “RNG”

AMD has started working on a new patch that will disable RNG (Random Number Generator) for AMD fTPMs to counter unwanted annoyance. AMD's fTPM Issues Have Taken a Rise After Introduction

Intel To Launch A Dual-Core “Intel 300” CPU In 2023: 14th Gen, Raptor Cove P-Cores, 3.9 GHz Clocks & 46W TDP

Intel is preparing a brand new dual-core CPU SKU known as the "Intel 300" which launches with the 14th Gen desktop family this quarter. Intel 300 CPU To Be A Dual-Core Design Featuring Raptor Cove Cores, 3.9 GHz Clocks & A 46 TDP According to leaker, chi11eddog, Intel w

Robert Hallock Joins Intel As Senior Director of Technical Marketing After A Decade At AMD

In a twist of events, AMD's ex-official Robert Hallock has joined Intel as a Senior Director of Technical Marketing ahead of the company's highly anticipated Innovation 2023 showcase. Intel Aims at Elevating

Leaked benchmarks for Intel’s next-gen Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs look shaky – but don’t panic

Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh desktop processors have been spotted in another leak, and this time round we have some more benchmarks to feast our eyes on.In this case, the benchmarks are drawn from

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 Case Review

Just when think you have seen every possible feature for a PC case, a vendor comes along and adds a whole new take on what a high-end chassis should include. That’s precisely what has happened today

Assassin’s Creed Mirage will once again include microtransactions

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is the latest and upcoming title in the stealth-action series, taking players back to the roots of the franchise with an emphasis on smaller worlds and more stealthy gameplay. Unfortunately, it seems as though the game will still feature some of

Steam Deck adoption pushes Linux over Mac

It has been about a year and a half since the Steam Deck launched. The Linux-powered PC gaming handheld is consistently a top seller on Steam but until now, Windows and Mac remained as the two most-

Red Dead Redemption is getting re-released, will skip PC once again

In recent weeks there has been evidence of an impending Red Dead Redemption-related announcement from Rockstar. Many unfortunately gave the studio a bit too much credit in thinking that this would be a

Intel to reveal Meteor Lake CPUs in September – and to talk about a ‘bold vision’ for AI

Intel will be revealing its next-gen Meteor Lake processors at an event in September, along with other details about the road ahead for its CPUs.As VideoCardz flagged up, Intel Innovation is a two-day event

Baldur’s Gate 3 breaks into the top ten most played games on Steam

After spending a couple of years in early access, Larian officially launched Baldur's Gate 1.0 last week to great success. Over the weekend, the game rose to the top of the Steam charts, garnering a

High-Efficiency Superconducting Diode Could Change Chips Forever

A research team with MIT has unveiled a functional superconducting diode design that enables never-before-seen efficiencies and that's easily manufacturable, opening up the door for more power-efficient electronics.

Intel Core i9-14900K & Core i7-14700K Raptor Lake Refresh CPU Benchmarks Leak Out

The latest benchmarks of Intel's upcoming Core i9-14900K & Core i7-14700K CPUs which will be part of the Raptor Lake Refresh lineup have leaked. Leaked Intel Core i9-14900K & Core i7-14700K "Raptor

Rumour claims AMD will skip high-end GPU market with RDNA 4

AMD hasn't finished rolling out its RDNA 3 graphics cards yet but rumours about RDNA 4 are already starting to do the rounds. According to reports over the last week, unlike previous generations,

MSI issues BIOS update for 600-series motherboards with memory improvements

To improve memory performance across their AMD 600-series motherboards, MSI has started to roll out the AGESA PI BIOS update. Based on what we've heard so far, this update allows AMD systems with X670E, X670, B650, and A620 motherboards to

Antec unveils the NeoECO Gold M ATX power supplies with up to 1300W of power

Antec is expanding its impressive array of PSUs with the introduction of the new NeoECO Gold M ATX 3.0 power supplies, available in two striking models – a sleek black variant and an elegant white variant.

Intel to Reveal Future Consumer CPU Roadmap, Meteor Lake in September

Intel to unveil Meteor Lake and Emerald Rapids CPUs at its Innovation event in September.

AMD's Ryzen 8000 'Strix Point' to Use Zen 5 and Zen 5c Cores: Report

AMD's next-generation APU is expected to offer formidable performance with twelve Zen 5-class cores.

Intel Meteor Lake turns heads with clock speed leak as hype builds around next-gen CPUs

Intel’s Meteor Lake processors have been the subject of a new leak which shows they could reach impressive boost speeds.As ever with leaks, we must bear in mind that this info comes with heavy baggage.

Superconductor Levitates At Room Temperature, But Questions Remain

Scientists with the Huazhong University of Science and Technology have replicated LK-99's levitation abilities at room temperature, which they showcased in a video uploaded to Billibilli.

NVIDIA: GPU Supply Issues Involve Packaging, Not Chip Wafers

NVIDIA has set the record straight regarding supply issues surrounding its AI and compute-oriented high-performance GPUs. But the problem doesn't seem to lie with the number of chips leaving

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