Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 05/01/24


MSI teases its first handheld gaming PC — and it may be powered by Intel (Update)

Intel's latest Media Driver on Linux has brought in improvements in the Video Acceleration API as well as multiple changes for next-gen Arrow Lake CPUs. Intel Meteor Lake & Arrow Lake CPUs See A Boost In

MSI teases its first handheld gaming PC — and it may be powered by Intel (Update)

MSI is teasing its first handheld gaming PC, and we'll apparently hear more about it at CES.

Over 14,500 games launched on Steam in 2023, breaking records for the fourth year in a row

By launching an average of 36 games per day in 2023 according to SteamDB, Steam exceeded its previous "high score" in annual game releases. Steam's own Best of 2023 page also provides some insight

Intel appoints new head of data center and AI group as it prepares to spin off ex-Altera FPGA unit

Intel appoints HPE veteran Justin Hotard to lead Data Center and AI Group.

Windows 11 PCs to come with a Copilot key as Microsoft pushes forward with AI

Microsoft has shown off its new Windows 11 Copilot key design, set to become a standard feature on AI PCs and the first new standard Windows keyboard key since 1994.

Tetris was finally beaten after 34 years, game kill screen pops up at Level 157 — hypertapping and rolling were key techniques

Willis, AKA Blue Scuti, has become the first human to play Tetris NES (NTSC) to its killscreen. He was also the first to reach Level 157, culminating in the 'biggest achievement in the 34-year history of the

Steam survey suggests more people bought the RTX 4090 than the Steam Deck — along with millions of other RTX 40-series GPUs

The Steam Deck was projected to hit three million sales by the end of 2023, and based on the Steam Hardware Survey, the RTX 4090 somehow sold even more units — as did most other RTX 40-series

Japanese Semiconductor Firms Assessing Impact To Factories Following Devastating Earthquake

The Japanese semiconductor industry has started to see "aftershocks" of the devastating earthquake that occurred recently. TSMC & Other Japanese Firms Report Marginal Production Cuts Amid

Does better DDR5 memory improve your gaming PC?

Over the past 25 years we have seen the transition from SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic RAM) to DDR (Double Data Rate) SDRAM, and then to DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 on a cadence of five year cycles.

Steam reveals the best-selling and most-played PC games of 2023

Steam has recently released its “Best of 2023” list, which compiles the best-selling and most-played games on the platform. The list of highest earners this year is quite varied. Despite Destiny 2 losing a lot

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