Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 15/12/23


Intel Meteor Lake “Core Ultra” CPUs Launched: The First Chiplet Design With Next-Gen CPU Cores, Arc GPU & NPU For The AI PC Revolution

Today is a big day as Intel launches its next-generation Core Ultra CPU family codenamed Meteor Lake, bringing some major design changes. Intel's First Chiplet CPUs Are Finally Here! Meet Core Ultra "Meteor

AMD Publishes Full FSR 3 Source Code For DX12 & Unreal Engine 5, Making Integration In Games Easier For Devs

AMD has announced that the full source code of FSR 3 is now available for developers using DX12 and Unreal Engine 5. AMD FSR 3 Source Code Now Available To Developers Making DX12 and Unreal

Intel CEO attacks Nvidia on AI: 'The entire industry is motivated to eliminate the CUDA market'

At Intel’s Meteor Lake launch event, Pat Gelsinger went on the offensive against Nvida, claiming the whole industry is motivated to move beyond CUDA, and that Intel is well positioned

Ubisoft is pulling online services for The Crew, making the game unplayable

Ubisoft jumped into the racing games market with The Crew all the way back in 2014. Unfortunately, the game relies on an always-online connection, so with Ubisoft set to pull support next year, the game will

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 SUPER Hits Shelves On 17th January, 4070 Ti SUPER On 24th & 4080 SUPER On 31st January

NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 40 SUPER GPUs including the RTX 4080 SUPER, 4070 Ti SUPER & 4070 SUPER are all set for retail availability in January. NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 40 SUPER GPUs Will Be Available In

NVIDIA To Discontinue All GeForce GTX 16 GPUs By Q1 2024: Include 1660 SUPER, 1660 Ti, 1660, 1650 Ti, 1650 & 1630

NVIDIA has decided to discontinue its entire GeForce GTX 16 series GPU lineup by Q1 2024 & has sent out the notification to AIBs. The Last "GTX" Family: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16 GPUs Will No Longer Be

AMD says overclocking blows hidden fuses on Ryzen Threadripper 7000 to show if you've overclocked the chip, but it doesn't automatically void your CPU's warranty

AMD explains the hidden fuses behind Ryzen Threadripper 7000 processors and how it will handle warranty claims.

Disney gives hope for Knights of the Old Republic Remake

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is for many the best video game based in the Star Wars universe. Developed by Bioware, the 2003 RPG was announced to be getting a remake a couple years ago – before

Intel 14th Gen Core i5-14400 & Core i3-14100 CPU Benchmarks Leak, Non-K Lineup Launches on 8th January at CES

New benchmarks of Intel's Core i5-14400 & Core i3-14100 CPUs which are part of the 14th Gen Non-K family have been leaked by ECSM_Official. The leaker also reveals the launch date set for CES

TSMC mentions 1.4nm process tech for the first time, says 2nm remains on track

TSMC says 2nm mass production is on track for 2025 and mentions its successor, 1.4nm-class tech, for the first time.

NVIDIA To Witness A Shocking 150% YoY Surge in AI Shipments In 2024

NVIDIA's AI server shipments are expected to grow rapidly, as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals a 150% YoY surge amid huge demand from the industry. NVIDIA Plans on Capitalizing The Growing AI Markets By

Microsoft Lists Intel’s Next Gen Meteor Lake “Core Ultra” & Refreshed Raptor Lake “Core” CPUs Ahead of Launch

Microsoft has listed several upcoming Intel CPUs for Windows 11 22H2 & 23H2, including Meteor Lake "Core Ultra" & Raptor Lake Refresh series. Microsoft Unveils Next-Gen Intel Meteor Lake "Core

AMD says overclocking blows hidden fuses on Ryzen Threadripper 7000 to show if you've overclocked the chip, but it won't automatically void your CPU's warranty

AMD explains the hidden fuses behind Ryzen Threadripper 7000 processors and how it will handle warranty claims.

Jedi: Survivor’s complete 1444-paged sheet music published online

A video game’s soundtrack is just as important as the game itself in many instances. Despite this, developers rarely give it the flowers it deserves – with many publishers just now beginning to release their

Google reveals most searched games of 2023

2023 has undoubtedly been a massive year for gaming, in particular when it comes to the sheer number of high quality titles published on a constant basis. With the year coming to a close, Google has released

Steam Deck OLED now supports HDR Remote Play from PS5, unlike PlayStation Portal

Updates to Chiaki4Deck, an open-source client for PlayStation Remote Play, allow for the Steam Deck OLED to provide an even better experience than Sony's official dedicated Remote Play handheld. Extra setup is required, though.

Insomniac Games hit by Ransomware

Sony recently suffered a Ransomware attack but it looks like hackers have been targeting smaller companies under its umbrella as well. This week, it has been reported that Insomniac Games were hit by

AMD Expects “Tremendous Momentum” From AI PC Market By 2025, Millions of Ryzen 7040 APUs Shipped To Date

MD's CFO believes that the AI PC trend will ultimately drive consumer sales in 2025, and will not have an immediate impact going into 2024. AMD Sees AI's Potential to Transform The PC Segment However, The

The Day Before studio shuts down one week after launch

The Day Before has had quite the year. The game, which was advertised as an MMO Zombie-Survival title, finally launched last week and players swiftly discovered that the game was nothing like what was previously promised. Now just days later, Fntastic is shutting

Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger will host a keynote at CES 2024

Intel's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, is expected to deliver a keynote speech on January 9th as a part of Intel's participation at CES 2024. The discussion will focus on the intersection of silicon and software and

Intel Core Ultra 7 155H iGPU outperforms AMD Radeon 780M in 3DMark TimeSpy

With Intel's Meteor Lake (Core Ultra 100) processors just days away from their official launch, benchmark leaks have begun appearing as tests get underway. In the latest, we see the new Xe-powered iGPU for

TCL intros dome-shaped monitors for simulator gaming, new X-Intelligence AI model for displays that 'exceeds ChatGPT 4'

TCL displayed monitors with new technology and aspect ratios, perhaps to see which one users would like to have

Skull and Bones is Finally officially releasing in February 2024

Skull and Bones has had an incredibly turbulent development. After being delayed over half a dozen times and pushed back years beyond its initial release date, the multiplayer Ubisoft pirate game looks to

ChatGPT-4V user remade Google’s deceptive Gemini AI demo without editing cheats — ChatGPT outperforms Gemini AI in real-time work

YouTuber, artist, and maker Greg Technology has remade Google’s Gemini AI hands-on demo using GPT-4V, and it is definitely in real-time.

Nvidia CEO Jensen is worth $42 billion but still eats street food at street markets and visits LAN parties during overseas trips

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang was spotted eating Vietnam's street food and visiting a Hanoi LAN party this weekend, ahead of important business meetings on Monday.

Wi-Fi 7 to get the final seal of approval early next year, new standard is up to 4.8 times faster than Wi-Fi 6

There are a lot of 'draft' Wi-Fi 7 devices around, but 'Wi-Fi 7 Certified' devices will only come to market sometime next year.

Intel 14th Gen Core i5-14600 Non-K CPU Tested At Max Turbo Power of 156W, 4.8 GHz Boost Across All Cores

Benchmarks of Intel's upcoming 14th Gen Core i5-14600 CPU featuring 14 cores have been leaked out ahead of next year's launch by Enthusiast Citizen. Intel Core i5-14600 Non-K 14th Gen CPU Offers

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