Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 09/02/24


Nvidia CEO recognized for high-powered GPUs and the AI revolution — Jensen Huang elected to National Academy of Engineering

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) with specific recognition for 'high-powered graphics processing units, fueling the artificial intelligence revolution'

NASA's Voyager 1 satellite is currently lost in deep space due to a critical memory error

Due to an unexpected error in the Flight Data Subsystem of the Voyager 1, NASA's longest-operating satellite is no longer able to provide telemetry data needed for basic control of the spacecraft.

Google announces Gemini AI and a new mobile app – subscription options will offer more powerful models

Google has announced that Bard is becoming Gemini, its new all-encompassing brand for its generative AI products. Additionally, the firm announced two new products that will facilitate the use of its AI:

Nvidia rushes out fix for GPUs that are suffering nasty stuttering in games and web browsers

Nvidia has deployed a hotfix for some nasty issues with its graphics cards that have led some GeForce owners to experience stuttering not just in PC games, but in everyday computing activities.This is hotfix

AMD takes market share from Intel in server, desktop, and notebooks — new Mercury Research data shows Q4 2023 data

New data from Mercury Research makes it clear that AMD is going to be one of the major beneficiaries of the resurgent computer business and the ongoing AI boom.

Suicide Squad is Rocksteady’s lowest-rated game ever

It has taken a little longer for Suicide Squad reviews to go live, as review codes were only sent out a few days ahead of launch. At this point, many outlets have published their scored reviews and

Best Wireless Keyboards 2024

Whether you’re gaming from the couch, writing a book on the road, or you just want a clutter-free desk, these are the best wireless keyboards we've tested.

The Best CPU for Gaming in 2024

Here is the best CPU for gaming for the money, based on our benchmarks. These processors offer the best performance in their price ranges and most are suitable for overclocking.

AMD to the rescue for Nvidia RTX 2000 and 3000 GPUs, as fudge for DLSS 3 games turbocharges frame rates to an eye-opening level

Owners of older Nvidia RTX graphics cards can now benefit from FSR 3 frame generation in games that support DLSS 3, thanks to a smart new mod.Your first reaction to that may be confusion around FSR

Steam Survey reveals momentum behind octa-core and better CPUs - Windows 11 and VR headsets also gain traction

Valve released the January statistics from its Steam hardware and software survey, showing trends toward CPUs with eight or more cores, the adoption of Windows 11, and even interest in VR.

AMD creates its own edible chips, embraces Guai Guai culture to ensure smooth running Ryzens

AMD engineers seem to be very fond of Taiwan’s Guai Guai (乖乖) snacks. We also saw a TSMC special edition of these 'edible chips' released last week.

Qualcomm CEO says that the next version of Windows is due in mid 2024 - place your bets on Windows 11 24H2 or Windows 12

Qualcomm's CEO alludes to the "next version of Windows" with a launch date in the middle of the year.

Old Nvidia gaming GPUs enjoy huge performance uplifts from new mod — DLSS 3 to FSR 3 mod enables frame generation to deliver up to 75% better performance on previous GeForce RTX GPUs

Digital Foundry reviewed an FSR 3 mod capable of being injected into any game that supports DLSS 3 frame generation. It found that the mod can provide up to 75% more performance with older GPUs like

More and more USB sticks and microSD cards are being made with dubious components — data recovery firm uncovers no-name, low-quality NAND inside many devices

Data recovery company CBL warns that microSD and USB sticks are becoming less reliable as more are made with bad NAND flash.

RTX 4080 Super teardown sheds light on power connector controversy — PCB shows traces for two 8-pin connectors along with the 16-pin connector

A Japanese reviewer tore apart the Palit GeForce RTX 4080 Super GamingPro OC and found some exciting traces on the PCB.

Metro: Awakening is an ‘origin story’ coming to VR platforms this year

Earlier this week, Deep Silver announced plans for a brand new Metro game. While this won't be the next major game in the series from 4A Games, it will be an exciting spin-off, bringing the tense world of Metro

Blizzard games are finally coming to GeForce Now

Nvidia is gearing up for another month of GeForce Now updates. There will be 27 titles joining GeForce Now this month as Nvidia celebrates the service's four-year anniversary. The big news here is that Blizzard

The RTX 3050 is making a comeback

Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm since its debut earlier this month. It has become the largest third-party Game Pass launch in just ten days, reaching over 7 million players across Xbox consoles, PC

The RTX 3050 is making a comeback

We're well over a year into the current generation of graphics cards, with the RTX 40 series replacing most of the former RTX 30 series graphics cards on the market. While there is an RTX 4050 GPU for laptops, there is no version of this card for desktop systems. At this

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