Tech News Weekly Round Up – Week Ending 23/02/24


Nvidia rallies to $2 trillion on AI surge, making founder and CEO Jensen Huang the world's 21st richest person

With Nvidia's valuation soaring to $2 trillion, Jensen Huang is on the verge of becoming one of the top 20 wealthiest individuals globally.

Is your Intel Core i9-13900K crashing in games? Your motherboard BIOS settings may be to blame — other high-end Intel CPUs also affected (Updated)

Gamers and game developers are taking note of crashes on high-end Intel CPUs, and we think we have the answer. Multiple answers, even. Power, current, voltage, and clock speeds are all potential factors.

Nvidia expects next-gen Blackwell GPUs to be supply constrained

Nvidia said that it expected to be supply constrained with its next-generation Blackwell-based GPU products.

PlayStation VR2 may soon support PCs

With Sony opening up to supporting the PC platform more and more, many of us wondered if the PlayStation VR2 headset would support PCs when it launched. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. However,

New 'Nvidia App' unifies GeForce Experience and ancient Control Panel — currently in beta, but for how long?

Nvidia has unveiled a its new 'Nvidia App' that's set to replace both the Nvidia Control Panel and GeForce Experience with a unified UI. It's currently in beta form and coexists with the old interfaces, but

Surging AI demand sees Nvidia full-year revenue hit $60.9 billion in 2023

Nvidia's fourth quarter FY2024 earnings hit $22.1 billion on AI frenzy.

Everything We Know About Elden Ring’s Shadow Of The Erdtree DLC

FromSoftware showed us what’s been cooking in the Elden Ring oven, and the results have undoubtedly made Soulslike fans salivate. The studio unveiled the first trailer for its hotly anticipated DLC, Shadow of

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger: I hope to build chips for Lisa Su and AMD

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told us he is willing to build chips for anyone, including Lisa Su of AMD.

Intel lands $15 billion foundry deal for custom Microsoft processor — 18A process tech to be used for 'very exciting platform shift'

Microsoft will spend $15 billion on production and packaging of custom 18A processors at Intel Foundry.

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection brings back the original games with multiplayer

During today's Nintendo Direct, we got another surprise Star Wars announcement, and it is one that is bound to make a lot of people happy. Aspyr is now releasing remasters for the original Star Wars:

Is your Intel Core i9-13900K crashing in games? Your motherboard BIOS settings may be to blame — other high-end Intel CPUs also affected

Gamers and game developers are taking note of crashes on high-end Intel CPUs, and we think we have the answer. Multiple answers, even. Power, current, voltage, and clock speeds are all potential factors.

Microsoft begins forced updates to Windows 11 23H2 — targets PCs running 21H2 and 22H2

Microsoft will use machine learning to guide its rollout of Windows 11 23H2.

Elon Musk says first human Neuralink implantee can now move a mouse around 'just by thinking'

The first human patient to receive a Neuralink implant has recovered well after the procedure, and is now able to ‘move the mouse around the screen just by thinking, says Elon Musk

Samsung Starts New Semiconductor Unit, Targeted At Developing Next-Gen AGI Chips

Samsung has reportedly formed a new semiconductor development organization in Silicon Valley, aimed at developing next-generation AGI chips. Samsung Doesn't Look To Stop Just Yet, As They Decide To

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Drops First Gameplay Trailer Tomorrow

Tarnished, rise up. Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will get its first big gameplay trailer tomorrow. The announcement came via the official Elden Ring social media accounts this morning. Helpfully

AMD Zen 5 and Zen 5c CPUs to be built on TSMC N3 node

A recent report suggests that AMD's Zen 5 CPUs are set to reach TSMC fabs in the second quarter of this year, with mass production anticipated to begin in the third quarter of 2024. AMD and TSMC are

Elon Musk reminisces about the time Jensen Huang donated a DGX-1 to OpenAI, shares photo gallery

Elon Musk has shared some previously unseen photos of when Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang dropped by to donate the world’s first DGX-1 server to the budding OpenAI.

AMD Medusa “Ryzen” Client CPUs Reportedly Feature Zen 6 CPU & RDNA 5 Integrated GPU Cores

AMD's next-generation Medusa "Ryzen Client" CPUs will reportedly be featuring brand new Zen 6 processor and RDNA 5 integrated GPU cores. Zen 6 CPU & RDNA 5 GPU Fusion Expected For AMD's Next-Gen

PowerWash Simulator Is Getting Space Marines Because Sometimes The Universe Is Good

Alongside a worldwide vaccination program, PowerWash Simulator is the only reason humanity survived Covid. The 2022 release, inexplicably published by Square Enix, asked us simply to clean. Clean

Your fingerprints can be recreated from the sounds made when you swipe on a touchscreen — Researchers new side channel attack can reproduce partial fingerprints to enable attacks

Researchers outline the PrintListener side-channel attack, which is claimed to be the first to leverage swiping sounds to infer fingerprint information. They claim they can successfully attack up to 27.9% of

Reddit reportedly selling its users' content to an AI company for $60 million per year

According to a Bloomberg report, Reddit made a deal with an undisclosed major AI company to allow the use of its library of users' submitted content for training its AI model to the tune of $60 million

Jim Keller criticizes Nvidia's CUDA, x86 — 'Cuda’s a swamp, not a moat. x86 was a swamp too'

Legendary processor architecture designer criticizes CUDA and compares it to x86.

A quarter of a billion PC players use the Epic Games Store

A couple months removed from 2023, Epic Games have now released their year-in-review, revealing a bunch of interesting statistics pertaining to the Epic Games Store. Despite slow growth (and a

Nvidia Grace Hopper Superchip poised to push the boundaries of quantum computing in Australia

Australia’s National Supercomputing and Quantum Computing Innovation Hub is set to use Nvidia Grace Hopper Superchips to push the boundaries of quantum computing.

An ordinary squirt of canned air achieves supersonic speeds - engineer spots telltale shock diamonds

A precision engineering and machining YouTuber noticed telltale ‘shock diamonds’ in the stream emitted by his Staples-branded canned air and felt compelled to investigate further. Using a Schlieren imaging

Windows 10 Installed in possible record 104 seconds – witness the fast and furious speedrun with Tiny10

Windows developer and tinkerer NTDev has optimized one of his tiny10 install disks so that it could install from zilch to the Windows 10 desktop in around 100 seconds.

11 ways to increase free disk space in Windows 11 or Windows 10

If your storage drive is full, there are many ways to your gigabytes back.

MSI’s latest bundle brings a free copy of Skull and Bones with PC hardware

MSI is back with a new game bundle. This time around, the company is partnering up with Ubisoft, offering up free codes for Skull and Bones when buying select MSI PC components, including

NVIDIA Drastically Reduces Delivery Times Of Its AI GPUs As Supply Chain Witnesses Improvement

NVIDIA's supply chain of its AI accelerators has reportedly witnessed a massive improvement as the firm reduces delivery times drastically. NVIDIA's AI GPUs Delivery Times Reduced Significantly But Political Conflicts & Generational Lackings May Pose Financial Risks Moving

Controversial benchmarking website goes behind paywall — Userbenchmark now requires a £10 monthly subscription

Infamous for its rants about AMD and leaking early hardware samples, Userbenchmark will now be charging users to run its benchmark tool.

House cleaners find two of the world's first desktop PCs in random boxes — Intel 8008-powered Q1 PC has 16KB of memory, 800 MHz CPU

Two of the Q1 PC, which is the first-ever desktop PC made with a single-chip microprocessor, were found during routine waste clearing in London.

Legendary chip architect Jim Keller responds to Sam Altman's plan to raise $7 billion to make AI chips — 'I can do it cheaper!'

Tenstorrent's Jim Keller implies that architectural advancements of processors used for AI workloads are more important than making more AI processors.

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